XP pool gone -- approved

And they knew the nerf would probably be too much going in, but I imagine they figured fixing the rest of it was worth what would likely be a temporary nerf (and hey, might as well try it out and see how it plays, right?)

Righty-ho. I rechecked the github and it appears that I convicted Kevin because his name was on the commit log:

Apologies, Kevin, and I’ll re-route my wrath to Soron & FunnyMan accordingly. I was really hoping to have a version with working flamethrowers again and don’t appreciate your timing. Even with the fun-book upgrade, you’ve still added more micromanagement IMO. Read useful book for 4-5 really frickin’ slow ticks, cancel, read fun book for 4-5 ticks, cancel, read useful book, etc.


Notice the “merge” comment at the beginning of that commit message - that means he’s just incorporating stuff that other people wrote.

Also, I don’t think it’s actually sensible to alternate between fun books and skill books like that… for one, the focus gain you’ll get from one round of reading a fun book is going to be quickly offset by the focus loss from studying a skill book. And second, having low focus doesn’t penalize skill gain from books. Perhaps it should, but for that to be at all playable, we’d have to un-nerf skill books first.

Actually, maybe the help text should be more clear that focus does not currently affect skill book comprehension…

It’d be fun if there were a wider variety of fun books, and once you hit say 3 hours total reading a certain book you’d “finish” it, and it would provide significantly reduced gains, which would prod you to find a new one.

Speaking of morale and XP gain, I’d really love to see a trait added that gave a morale boost for killing zombies, called Sadist or something. No idea how it would be balanced, but it’d make playing a bloodthirsty psychopath a little more rewarding.

Sometimes I like it, sometimes I hate it, but I don’t think it should be completely removed. I say it should be an option.