Vamp+Arcana Error?

Curious if anyone can tell me how to solve an error like this so I can use the mod?

ERROR : src/main_menu.cpp:864 [bool main_menu::new_character_tab()] Error: data/mods//vamp_stuff+arcana/NPCs/NPC_TALK_itemprocess.json: line 4:10: duplicate entry in json object

"//": "This topic is seperated due to its VERY LONG list.",
      "Get used to the spam of token giving. I just have to ensure you get the rewards and you'll get the money without notifying you about it.",
"id": "VAMP_ASEEKER_questinquire_ihave_essence",
"type": "talk_topic",

Please notifiy the mod author(s) and/or @TheGoatgod about this.
And as a quick fix, either remove the "//":"Get used to[…]", in the mod file, or rename it to "//2": (you can remove all "//" if you want, they mark comments and don’t serve any puropse for gameplay).

I got this version from @TheGoatgod, I don’t think anyone is currently maintaining it otherwise.

i have just fixed this i will push now. ive actually done both removed and add //2 to diffrent files lol. please in future,

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