This game is awful difficult

After I’ve been able to craft that NoDachi … damn, nothing else is needed, except against turrets and other mechanical exploding stuff.

After I’ve been able to craft that NoDachi … damn, nothing else is needed, except against turrets and other mechanical exploding stuff.[/quote]

An auto-mag could solve that turret problem.

I usually found that some rags and matches were among the most reliable kills, especially in previous versions where fire was an easy stunlock, even against fire damage immune skeletons. It reduced loot considerably, but even burnt clothing can be turned into more rags for more kills.

Besides, in most cases I used it just to get to some houses so I could more properly equip myself, imagine my surprise when I found out zombies can make it through fires now.

Still, twas a necessary update I suppose, and the addition of spraycan flamethrowers still make it ridiculously easy to kill even a hulk (just watch out for the ones carrying ammo, or worse, grenades.)

In short: most any problem can be solved with a generous application of BURN THEM ALL.

or a truck

or a truck[/quote]

Or a bush

there are no “wrong answers” in Cataclysm, only “slightly less thought out” answers and “OMG THAT WAS AWESOME”

was right there with you for a long time. took me 50+

The game is not levelled. so you dont get easy mobs at first like other games. so basically you have to find easy stuff to train on and stay out of town.
traits I like: night vision (must). fleet footed and/or quick.
negative traits: anything that affects npcs cause they are disabled. trigger happy. near sighted/far-sighted (these are easy to manage).

  1. get night vision. only go to town at night. stay on outskirts. basically just find a house that has a function toilet to get water and leave. you can craft a stone pot and find plastic bottles on corpses to purify. see wiki.
  2. dont fight zombies until you are stronger
  3. watch your encumbrance. backpacks and clothing radically reduces dodge. make sure to drop stuff when you have to fight such as drop everything. in ‘@’ look at the numbers anything above 1 has an affect on dodge.
  4. grab rocks early and train throwing by throwing them at rabbits. always carry a few rocks. throw and backup
  5. get fleet footed and/or quick traits so you can run away
  6. just wear sneakers. this has a -1 encumbrance so it makes you faster.
  7. pain slows you down .get hurt. go away

step by step

  1. bash benches in shelter and craft a pointy stick. go outside .grab rocks. you can probably carry 4 rocks at 1 pointy stick.
  2. throw rocks at rabbits and butcher corpses. at level 2 you will get plenty of food. just leave it for now, you can get more. do this to train
  3. wander far and wide outside. look for corpses. #1 key is plastic water bottles. water is the key early. need for purify
  4. only eat fruits. these give a little water. eat nothing else until you have a water supply
  5. cook the butchered rabbits. at cooking 2, survival 1, craft a stone pot. need to purify water. pour water into plastic bottles
  6. if you find a jug of something, ‘w’ ield it, 'U’nload and dump on grounnd. you use the jug to get water.
  7. if you dont find an open water source outside during the day. go to town. stay out skirts. bash window in back. and fill jug or empty water bottles with water. just stay on outskirts
  8. if you need to fight zombies throw rocks and retreat to damage. will miss alot ,but plenty of rocks. drop everything and make sure you are unencumbered when you fight melee. you can beat several zombies with pointy stick and no encumbrance early. any concernl, run away

So early priorities
#1 (by a mile). water. See above.
#2. get cooking to 2, survival to 1 to craft a stone pot.
#3 train throwing by throwing rocks at rabbits
#4 train melee picking off stragglers of things. avoid ants and bees cause they poison. throw rocks at them and retreat to weaken. drop everything and go unencumbered to finish with pointy stick to train melee an dodge
#5 only go near town at night and stay on outskirts. bash windows and make sure to take the string
#6 look for items with pockets to carry more stuff. make sure to drop stuff when fighting so not encumbered. sounds is not that important right now.