There a few unbalance on aiming stystem

For now, as we know, the aiming stystem has a little change in the new version,

when you try to targeting the enemy you always started with a high recoil(red) at the beginning, which mean that you have to take some time to reset your accuracy and lower the recoil,

Use it fine when you have a semi-automatic weapon, but then, there was a serious problems, about the fullauto weapons,

for example, I have a mp5 with the full automatic mode active, and try to shoot the zombie groups, and this happen,

because the aiming stystem will reset your recoil to normal (the red level recoil) each time you kill the enemy and auto targeting other one, so when I kill one zombie on side, and because I was full automatic shooting, so I can’t stop the bullet firing, and because the high recoil was reset, I shoot 4 bullet on the first zombie and killing it, and missing the rest 6 bullet on the next one just stand next to him due the high recoil.

also I can’t shoot my flare with my shotgun or something else on the right place, because the high recoil make me unable to do so, and I can’t aiming the ground to increase my accuracy too,

and even worst with you install a full automatic weapon on the vehicle because the recoil was uncontrollable
and the bullet will be flying around without hit anything, so setting the high recoil while you tried to aiming something was a bad idea,

even npc on the game has no such problem at all, they can shoot whatever they want, they even shoot you on the head while they just walk closer and shoot anyway, without even take time to aiming they weapons, and they always hit anything whatever use the full automatic or the semi automatic,

samething also happen on turret and those robot from the mod (I forgot what it called, it will create a giant base with lot robot who can shooting you on the 20 tiles without missing any shots)

I was never allow myself to catch up the aiming with the npc and other monster with the shooting really happen, because the those NPC and the monster who can shoot was way too fast to lock up they target, and always firing first before I do, I do my best try to shoot back, but was never succeed, each time I get shot, all my accuracy was completely empty, mabye that should getting change too, so you wont lose all the accuracy if you getting hit, or just walking a few tiles, it will only decrease a few accuracy instead all of it

is too sad with the rest one can just walk away and shoot whatever they want, and you even have problem shooting while you stant still. without the power armor I be dead for sure

so, mabye is time to change about those stystem already?

I don’t see the problem with getting hit completely destroying your aim, it should. Trying to shoot while moving around a lot should also reduce your aim substantially, except maybe at very high skill levels.

I’m not sure about NPC’s not needing to aim though, at least my companion NPC’s definitely seem to need a fair bit of turns before they’ll shoot. Obviously robots need very little time to aim though, I think you need to find other ways to defeat them then a 1 on 1 gun battle. Maybe unleash a huge swarm of EMP hacks.

Well, there is a problem, actually. For instance, you’re targeting a close zombie in full-auto, and half of your bullets get wasted on a far away one when the closest dies. There should be an option to lock on a single target an shoot it in full-auto until it dies, then stop.

Oh, there definitely needs to be more choice in how you fire automatic weapons. A burst-fire ability is definitely being planned, right now burst is only being available on weapons with an integrated burst-fire setting. I recommend trying to find some of these guns in the meantime. I personally don’t recommend using full-auto at all. If I find a gun that has only full-auto and no burst or SA I just grab the ammo and leave the gun behind.

Pneumo rifle is nice even with full auto, since the ammo is basically free and easy to get.

The combustion weapons… yeah, I don’t use auto with them at all. And only precise shots, unless someone is already eating me.

So yes,

I fully agree.

This is in the works, at least there is ongoing discussion;

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I seem to recall not too long ago (builds from late last year), firing at a target on full auto would keep firing until 10-ish rounds OR until the target was dead. Sounds like this was changed to always shooting a bunch of rounds, moving from one target to the next? That’s a lot worse, now I understand the clamoring for burst fire.

I’ve always wanted to be able to fire automatic fire and keep mowing down enemies in a straight line. I could probably kill 4-5 zombies a time that way.

It used to be possible to fire full auto at a location.