Squad of friendly soldiers

Hi. What do you think about adding small groups of friendly soldiers to the game? Just like in ,Rogue Survivor". They are ,cleaners" and they are sent by government. Highly skilled soldiers with powerful guns,gas masks,grenades,body armor, flashlights etc. They should be friendly at first. Maybe with few missions for us

I’d definitely love to see a greater variety of NPCs, rather than random wandering survivors that either 1. Run away from you for no reason. 2. Rob you. 3. Ask you to kill their mom.

I’d love to see people adapt to the apocalypse over time.

Sure it’s only 5 days after the apocalypse at the start, but after a year we could see like… “Van Merchant: A guy who has a van at the side of the road and he sells stuff that would be useful to survivors”

Could be billed as an Old Guard detachment. They don’t have enough presence in the game IMO.

Hell you could have varying levels of these squads that use that mutating function zombies have.

A small squad of 5 survivors with basic makeshift weaponry, a month or so goes by and they’d be kitted out better with maybe a longarm or two.

Maybe make squads for different factions that would interact (more likely than not just attacking one another at first)

This may be getting ahead a little, but have some squads patrolling around their area, and some out on missions far from their territory(recon, raid, scavenging, etc).