Is there a way to 'deconstruct' a window?

For better (and safer) access into a house I want to turn into a base, I really need to remove a window and turn it into a door. I know how to get rid of the glass and such, but I really need to move my wheelbarrow through!

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Deconstructing the window frame using the construction menu (the *) once the glass is gone won’t work?

I suppose you could always smash it and hope the house doesn’t fall on your head.

posting to watch.

In the early game, I ram cars into the walls I want to break.

That sounds. Painful. No thanks. I just wallopped the window and luckily nothing else fell down. Somehow it only took one hit to knock down, with 7 strength that surprised me. I guess my nail bat was better than I thought!

A weapon’s bashing damage contributes to its capacity to smash.

I’ve heard that with the homewrecker weapon you can, or at least used to be able to, smash the reinforced concrete walls in the labs with somewhere between 9-12 STR. That was how some people got out of the locked labs. Of course now the walls have a rebar cage and if you manage to cut that down they’re built over spike pits.

Whoever built those labs did not want anything getting out of them.

Curtained windows can be converted into ordinary windows by closing them with c then 'e’xamining and tearing down the curtains. You can pull undamaged windowpanes out of no-curtain windows using deconstruct furniture, but the frame itself cannot be removed using that method.

Good ole sledgy can be of use. But I must confess. I do so enjoy crashing vehicles into buildings. Best way to break into a gun shop lol XD

Just remember to upgrade your seatbelt to the more impressive one first.

I wasn’t even trying to ram the first gun store I broke into. I was trying to do a 3 point turn to back up to the gun store so my confiscated cop car’s trunk was right next to my planned point of entry, and I accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the breaks.

Hmm, that might have some potential to go in this thread: (The Best, the Worst, the Funniest!)

How would you “deconstruct” a window IRL? They’re generally cemented/glued in place. It would be like deconstructing a cement wall: you can’t. Once it’s built and the cement dries, the only way is to destroy it.

He wants to replace the window with a door, so he’s talking about something like pulling the window frame out of surrounding wall, then cutting away the wall below the window. That seems like the kind of thing an experienced contractor could do, so Fabrication 3 or 4 to do it safely? Or you can just hit the window area with a homewrecker or sledge and hope the roof doesn’t come down.

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–While I’m lucky enough that the roof didn’t collapse when I one-shot it with my nail bat with a 7 strength character, I would straight up have save scummed if I did fall. Because it annoys me, and all I wanted was a door in this more strategic location of my fort-to-be.
–Also, I feel like Fabrication 5 might be a tad more realistic.

Fabrication 4 is sufficient to build a sofa, a bed, a metal or concrete wall, a log and sod roof, or a well. That’s a pretty experienced handy man! Removing a window and cutting the drywall and siding away is not incredibly complicated.

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–True, that is a very good point.

I assume you meant brakes. But beside that I’ve personally been in 2 accidents whereby people have rammed me with a vehicle. Survived both and oddly enough was unharmed.

Once I was sitting in a school in class on the ground floor and this lady hit the gas and rammed the building. I was sitting on the other side in front of her and watch the wall moved 2 inches at me lol

The 2nd time, I was on a bus coming home from work. Some asshat taxi driver side swiped the bus right on my exact side and shook the crap outa me. He was trying to race the bus to cut it off going around a corner and saw the on coming traffic heading straight at him. He sadly survived too -_-


Wait spike puts work as well as normal pits?