Incorrect handling of batteries inside a Shopping Cart - 0.C-13343-gc118316

I reloaded my makeshift welder with batteries from inside of a shopping cart and it reloaded it to 400 without taking any batteries out of the shopping cart. After a little experimentation I realized this only happens when you attempt to use up all of the batteries inside the cart, otherwise it works fine.

EDIT: Put this issue on github… should have read that instruction thread earlier, my apologies.

github is the PREFERRED method. But this forum is here because not everyone can/wants to even attempt a github without breaking out into an allergic reaction at the sight of the site of CODE!!! As such posting here is not WRONG, or bad juju or anything, you just have to be understanding if it gets missed by devs (rather unlikely) or gets looked at and resolved somewhat significantly later than it normally would. (Slightly more likely)

Here is perfectly acceptable, so there is no real need to apologize.