I found a steel mill - severely dissapointed

I found a steel mill. No. Loot. At. All.

Well, OK, I found one matchbook with 20 matches in a wastebin.

No work clothes, no books, no fork-lift trucks, no scrap metal, no charcoal, no limestone, no lumps of steel. Not even any broken cars in the parking lot.

Just lots of sealed machinery, sealed tanks and some broken consoles.

You are playing experimental version. It contains bugs, crashes, freezes and unfinished content.

If you update now, the next time a steel mill spawns it will have items


there is one thing of use in the mill even without item spawns: a guaranteed recycling machine. Priceless if you like big building projects

I missed that. I shall have to go back. I have large piles of junk around various places.

I did not find much info. What it does?

I keep calling them recycling machines but I believe the in-game term is “metal compacter”. [D]rop stuff made of a single, recyclable material (like steel or plastic) into the compacter, [e]xamine it and it will offer to convert the stuff you dropped in into a few output options. Steel, for instance, can be outputted as lumps or sheet metal and a few other options.

To give you an idea, I brought a half-full flatbed (with 2 diesel engines, otherwise it wouldn’t move :stuck_out_tongue: ) of heavy-duty frames and left with something like 7000 lumps of steel, which can be rapidly crafted into steel plating for use in faction base construction.


I haven’t messed with faction bases yet, but I like the sound of steel plating on the walls