How hard was the learning curve for you guys?

I wasn’t aware you could legit farm. I know you can get seeds. But didn’t actually know it worked. I’ve never survived to my satisfaction to make a base. Endless roaming in my death mobile is tough. I"ve lived about 1/5 years on the road and typically die by robots or lab mishaps.

Just this last time I shot a grenade zombie and when he died. He exploded in a confined room. Didn’t know they blew up =/

When I first tried Cdda, it didn’t have tiles, that and the UI really kept me off the game. A year or two later when I came back to it the UI was my only real challenge. Obviously there was mistakes to make along the way, but the game works very intuitively once you figure out the mechanics and UI. I remember one of my first games, I hadn’t figured out how to run and ended up getting battered across a field by a hulk. Now I’m not even scared of a moose on day one. A decent weapon, a bush, and a couple points in melee deals with them easily.

Nowadays I do a game with X3-5 zombies the very very slow sleep healing trait, slow learner and slow reading as mandatory handicaps to make the beginning game last at least 15 in game days before I start getting survival gear. I’m really enjoying the new healing mechanics it makes the the issues of injury and health much more realistic and challenging. My lastest game I actually finally suffered a broken leg and had to be very careful while it healed.

so far, not that bad, though im used to counterintuitive controls due to my Dwarf Fortress experience. Ive only been playing for like a week, too. About hte only keybind thats eluded me was running until somebody told me yesterday. The fact that i started off watching someones playthrough has helped with some bare essential tips