General question for a new guy

So during my short character runs which usually involve me running away screaming, I have noticed these money cards around. While I am loving the indepth detail in the game, I am noticing money seems to be quite useless so far. Theres very few people to trade with and those that do trade have nothing I want. Also guns seem to be fairly useless since using them anywhere other than the top of a mountain will draw large hordes on top of you.

I was wondering if any of the modders had any plans to vastly improve the AI in the game. Perhaps having them take over large sections of the city in which items could be bought and sold. It would just make the NPC’s a bit less like they are in say fallout where they are reduced to being human suitcases for all my stuff.

The money from cash cards can also be used to buy loads of fuel from a certain gas station, which is very useful. There are also vending machines scattered about, but you could just smash those at the cost of spawning a law enforcement eye bot (easy to avoid).

As for the npc’s, they are still very much in their early stages and are planned to get a lot more attention somewhere in the future.

Feel free to ask any other questions, I love to share what I have learned from this game!