Combat Log and how to view

Hey this might be a weird question, but is there a way to view the combat log outside of the game or while I’m playing? Often I will see something scroll by too fast and I have no idea wtf just happened.

For example I was raiding on my new toon and as I was running away from a bunch of Zs I saw something in the combat log that said “Oh my leg!” and then my log filled with “You hear a thump from the S x5” and the ever present “The travois collides with the underbrush”.

I wanted to go back in the combat log tofigure out if an NPC died or if it was a mi-go, but I couldn’t figure out how.

Is there a way to open the log file to check or perhaps run a "tail -f " on the log?



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shift + P might be what you are looking for


Oh yeah, I’m sure you know, but Mi-goes like to spew out random words incoherently. They are usually the last words of their victims.
(Nice, finally figured out how to blur spoilers, figures I’m just dumb)

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Yes. This is 95% of what I wanted and will do nicely.

Any idea where the file is kept out of game?

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You could screenshot it? Lol, that’s about the best I have for that.

It’s hard to experiment and figure things out when the combat log is only 10 or so lines on my screen. I was sort of hoping there would just be a massive log that I could parse to figure out what I did to kill certain mobs. Also, sometimes there is just random weird messages that show up and disappear. I don’t get to play all the time, so it would be nice to refresh my memory every so often.

Shift P works for now. I just have to remember its a finite log.

You’ll find a partial log in your save folder, named #[bunchofgobbledygook].log
It only records a few major events, however, not every last “you hear footsteps.”

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