Combat Log and how to view


Hey this might be a weird question, but is there a way to view the combat log outside of the game or while I’m playing? Often I will see something scroll by too fast and I have no idea wtf just happened.

For example I was raiding on my new toon and as I was running away from a bunch of Zs I saw something in the combat log that said “Oh my leg!” and then my log filled with “You hear a thump from the S x5” and the ever present “The travois collides with the underbrush”.

I wanted to go back in the combat log tofigure out if an NPC died or if it was a mi-go, but I couldn’t figure out how.

Is there a way to open the log file to check or perhaps run a "tail -f " on the log?




shift + P might be what you are looking for


Oh yeah, I’m sure you know, but Mi-goes like to spew out random words incoherently. They are usually the last words of their victims.
(Nice, finally figured out how to blur spoilers, figures I’m just dumb)


Yes. This is 95% of what I wanted and will do nicely.

Any idea where the file is kept out of game?


You could screenshot it? Lol, that’s about the best I have for that.


It’s hard to experiment and figure things out when the combat log is only 10 or so lines on my screen. I was sort of hoping there would just be a massive log that I could parse to figure out what I did to kill certain mobs. Also, sometimes there is just random weird messages that show up and disappear. I don’t get to play all the time, so it would be nice to refresh my memory every so often.

Shift P works for now. I just have to remember its a finite log.


You’ll find a partial log in your save folder, named #[bunchofgobbledygook].log
It only records a few major events, however, not every last “you hear footsteps.”