Cleanliness as an Item Quality

Tell me about it. I was using a zombear for dodge training the other day and my armour didn’t even get nicked. My union suit (I’d been raiding a science lab a few hours prior) underneath everything got ripped though.

I’m pretty sure in real-world history, before it became convenient to bathe and clean regularly, people simply lived in filth for the most part. If something like dirt were to be implemented, it would have to be a very minor inconvenience at best, or alternatively, a way to keep disease at bay.

I can understand wanting to have more pressure to maintain your guns or to make your sword get slightly blunt from crusted blood if you go too long without washing it off or something, but for gameplay at least it should be fairly easy if done regularly, like just polishing your weapon or dusting off your clothes after a battle, but not necessary all the time

Alternatively, if we wanted to be more realistic, we could make it so items can only reach a certain “cleanliness” with certain resources, like you need to make/find detergent to get rid of blood stains, but if you just want to rinse the dirt off you can just step out into the rain

Necro. Well, as long as I’m here…

Fixed. Nothing quite like implementing a system of fortress underfloor central heating and communal baths to both enforce a standard of cleanliness other than ‘Urist McFisher was caught in the rain recently,’ while also collecting paralyzing skin-rot residue to coat weapons with at leisure.