Cataclysm's Current Level of Difficulty

kinda just sounds like you’re playing smart
it’s very easy to get overwhelmed just by walking out in broad daylight through the city and sure you can run or climb or try to hotwire a car and get away but these take time and stamina you can’t keep up forever
if you want a hard game just play the rise of the mascot and keep your mask active you’ll get those zombie deaths you crave
and trust me the enemies get a lot worse at least they’ve toned down the hulk spawns

You know, I just started something new and it seemed to work for me pretty well. The idea is simple.

Build the most overpowered character you can possibly manage. Get all the loot in the game, all the crazy CBM’s, guns, mutations, have your stats 20+, your skills all above 10. Build that massive base, amass a large following of recruits, make a huge deathmobile with literally everything on it. Enjoy it. Drive and do quests, raid monuments that seem interesting.

Then, strip your character naked, make a new world in a new version if you want, and plop that character right down in the middle of no where, possibly in somewhere irredeemably dangerous, and build back up, stronger.

It’s been a fun few runs, since I had to do this out of necessity, since my old world wouldn’t port over to the new versions. It was fun and exciting to start from ground 1, with only the equipment I had on my character to rebuild again from scratch, all stats & skills, but no items.

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