Auto spare-parts shop

i found a truck.
his motor need fix
for fix i need spark plugs.
by the logic - for get plugs i need auto spare part shop.
in game there is gun shop, any food\drinks shops\restaurants, also electronic shop, agriculture shop any other shop but - in game many vehickles and - there is no any auto shops.

yet fuel stations - trade with snack food but not any for auto.

i think this is not good.
maybe fuel stations can trade auto spare parts?

There are garages, that can contain vehicle spare parts.

Auto Part Stores would be a good idea, both in terms of realism (I live in the middle of nowhere, and my town still has two of them), and convenience. However, vehicle parts are only useful in a very limited set of circumstances; replacing destroyed components, mending faulty engines, changing tire sizes. Since the uses are so limited (once you get a vehicle working perfectly, the odds of needing another engine component are pretty low) the work involving creating an entire building revolving around those components wouldn’t be worth the gain from it.

It’s not a matter of whether it’s a good idea; it’s a matter of whether the devs have the time to work on something so small, and they’re already pretty busy fixing things that might break the game (for free, I might add), and trying to make it better. Maybe you could add it as a mod, though. If the building has a chance to spawn a welder/acetylene torch, or a vehicle welding rig, and welding goggles, I’m sure it would see plenty of traffic.

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