Allow lab dissectors to be used for dissections with higher yields than doing it yourself

This idea occurred to me earlier today. Being called “dissectors”, I’ve generally assumed that they function as operating tables with laser machinery for dissecting cadavers, especially because they’re impossible to miss, even with very low Perception.

I thought that it would be interesting for dissectors to have a function, in that they serve as the best fine cutting tool possible for dissections. Their effects would just be applied by dissecting adjacent to them, like with a nearby fire; it would give you a message along the lines of:

You use advanced lab machinery to cleanly cut apart the cadaver.

I figured this would give a use to the traps that otherwise have no real point to existing.


That’s a very clever idea. Normally you can’t even destroy dissectors. If they had a flag as a nearby tool, and had a ridiculous dissection value, like 100, the dissection mechanic could have a path for guaranteeing success and giving max/extra resources.


I will 100% back this idea, makes perfect sense and it’d be harder to find a better method of dissecting something than what these loony lab boys have thought up.


Yeah, and labs are implied to have some sort of power source to some of the equipment at least.

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I love the idea, but how would you control it? It seems to activate whenever something without id is placed on it(because insane cyborgs don’t get affected, as well as security bots). Control the lasers I mean.

I figured that there was some sort of automated trigger to cause lasers to emit in set points, so one could use that by orienting the body and moving it along with that laser.

This makes me think of someone performing an autotopsy with a bandsaw.

You’d probably dissect people with it the same way the scientists did. Either buttons or a remote control. Same as you use the autodoc

That would explain why labs have so many CBMs laying around. They, uh, “recycle.”


I think nearby fire is a special bodgecase, so this idea would probably be a little bit complicated to implement, but I think the definition of “tool” needs to be expanded anyway. When are we going to set up workshops that actually look like workshops rather than single tiles with a bunch of tools dropped on them? When are we going to get forges and anvils that take up space as furniture? When are we going to get ovens with tool quality “baking 2”?


Thats friggin brilliant and so obvious!! That needs to be a feature. Seriously. What the hell else were their purpose? Dude, good observation :+1::+1::+1::+1:
Any time I took over a base I ended up cheating them out of the areas I used because of how useless they were. Basically an empty tile with no enemies to kite, and sometimes even the AI just avoids them. Near useless as they are outside of suicide

Those exist already, so long as they are made from stone rather than steel.

This makes too much sense, and needs to be in the game. My scalpel is going rusty from all the shocker zombie remains that are probably plastered to it at this point. Also, it’s about time dissectors had a use. I thought they were meant to be traps now, but unless you are functionally blind they’re hard to miss, so they’re just kinda… there.

Sounds reasonable until you take into consideration the idea for these was that they went apesh!t and turned homicidal like the red queen from resident evil films.

So you should be required to have sufficient computer and electronic skills to both fix first and then use on a scaled success/failure curb.

True, Dissectors are a intimitadting trap that’s more or less supposed to absolutely mutilate the character if it’s activated, I played with a low per. Character and had one take my limb from full to about less than half in one go.

Considerably more dangerous than the normal traps, I think this was also the time they got a quick PR that made then nearly invisible too, too bad that was fixed.