A small goal

i like cataclysim because theres no goal of any meas (exept if you talk to a npc and help them) but somtimes i get a littel odd withowt having a main thing to do exept to make mi oun gols but it wuld be cool ading a small main goal to keep the player aware what to do next and to keep him in action to finishit

example=the XE037 the fisrt (slime) taken from the othre dimension was it? i read the main the oficial canon resentli so it wuld be cool to
XE037 to be a boss or a main mission to restore humaniti or somthing

in short cataclysim with a small gole to keep player aware what to do next and to have somthing to do if borde

No. Cata will never have an end goal.

“Cataclysm should have a small main goal: restore humanity”

Like anyone is gonna live that long…

'Cept me. I’m awesome :smiley:

Defeat XE037?

That’s basically “stop the Cataclysm” right there, given how much it’s responsible for doing (zeds, swamp critters, slime pits). Not really in-scope for a single survivor and probably not for a full faction.

Merge together all the factions by completing every quest chain and then attempt to defeat XE037 then?

Probably still wouldn’t work, but would kinda be a achievement.

ok i mean a gole more simple like finde your perants or finde your bride but your right the gol i wrote first might be ending the cataclisim but atleast a very simple gol to keep you acupide like finde you special rock or somthing.

Perhaps when the NPCs are redone and some more proper quests have been added such goals will be part of the game mechanics, in the meantime it couldn’t hurt to do something like that but from a roleplay stance. Make your character have an affinity for spiral stones or want to search all the evac shelters in the area for similar survivors. Maybe travel as far west as possible to find the last human stronghold of California.

I would enjoy something like this, perhaps not as a main thing, but in the future because we have the mod selector could we have a “rebuild Humanity mod”( wishfull think i know but with mods the possibilities are endless…)

You know, you cannot defeat XE037.

A perfect analogy would be to have the U.S. declare war on fish. Sure they could attack the ocean ocean with everything, but there are just too many fish inside it to successfully kill them all. Well I guess you could nuke the Earth to smithereens and have fallout kill the fish, but that would also kill everything else.

So successfully defeating XE037 is not a possible thing, because it’s everywhere (you, zombies, insects, every single animal, perhaps even in plants), theres no centralized being you could successfully defeat to get rid of the XE 037. Short of leaving Earth and make a safe colony with only clean organisms, the cataclysm is unfixable.

Even leaving Earth couldn’t ensure your escape if the dimensional degeneration will expand through the universe without limits (Why would you even care anyways, Cataclysm is not a game about escaping to space and founding a colony or something).