13 liters of cents?

I got meself a bit of a possible issue. When I went to wield something next to my pile of generalized stuff you usually have early game I saw I could wield an ammo type called “cent”. The only currency I had at that time was that of a cash card within the pile. When I went to wield the cents and checked on the cash card the card was now worth $0.00. This means that the “ammo” of the card was somehow taken out of the card despite it being digital currency, and produced basically 13 liters of cents that I could carry around. With cents wielded, I saved and quit the game in order to report this, but when I relaunched the game to make sure I wasn’t crazy or something my character they re-wielded their spear and the cents were now gone, leaving me with just the empty card. I suspect this has something to do with how items can now store other items but I’m not too sure about that.

Well, that explains this bug…:

Since it uses cash cards as containers for the cents, they had to fit into it… So my stupid comment on that post turns out to be true…

At least you can now throw money at the enemies - Dwarf Fortress style :smile: !

Fill a sock and crack some skulls :wink:

I imagine one could fill a shotgun shell and have makeshift shells too.

Should have found the nearest strip club and made it hail, tbh.