Zombie Moose IRL


Zombie Moose (and deer and elk) IRL! THEY’RE COMING.

It’s a prion disease, like Kuru in humans and Mad Cow Disease in… well… cows. And the way one gets one of those prion disease is to eat the brains and bone marrow of your fellow species. Does that mean deer have suddenly started eating each other?

The article is pretty funny. They sit and stare, just like zombies do, is why they are calling it “zombie deer disease”. Just like zombies. A sittin’ and a starin’. Yep.

Come on, media. Would no one click on “US health authorities are warning that the “deer in the headlights” disease is spreading”

These are the counties in the US they have invaded so far.

That county in New York is where I went to high school, where my 'rents live, and where a bunch of my friends are. The ONLY county with Zooses in ALL of New York, and it has to be mine.

I guess I can forget about high school reunion, now that zombie mutant Moose/Deer overlords are there.

Hold on, everywhere I have ever lived is infested. Jefferson City, St. Louis, Kalamazoo, and Utica. (I guess except NYC, but one time NYC set watch with orders to kill anyone trying to come into town from Philadelphia. True story. 1793 yellow fever outbreak, but these colors don’t run.) I don’t want to seem paranoid here, but if I suddenly go missing and you hear they found Zombooses in Philly, put two and two together, people.

Also what, are the Zoose recreating The Army of Northern Virgina’s march on Gettysburg? How did they GET to these places? I thought animals had ranges.


Ah, I got excited because it looked like my county was on there and I wanted to proclaim my pride. It’s not, though. =( I guess I’ll have to manufacture zombie deer the old fashioned way.

That being said, I’m tired of mainstream media misrepresenting zombies. Just 'cause a deer stares into space doesn’t mean it’s a zombie. It probably just has an attention disorder.


Well, I’m fucked. Minnesota couldn’t have gotten any worse.


At some point, the animal will lose weight, stop interacting with other deer, and lose its fear of humans, and it may start drinking and salivating more. It winds up staring vacantly as it starves to death,

Well they just waste away and spit in the water to infect others, that makes for pretty harmless zombies.


The danger isn’t so much the ‘zombies’, but the infection itself; can you imagine what would happen if it mutated so that it affected humans aswell.

Reading the article provided, this sounds alot like Mad Cow disease version 2.0, in so much as the real danger to us is in the consumption of tainted meat, and the “chance” of a cross-species infection.