What's your survivor thinking?


Finds skeleton juggernaut.
“Shit its the skeleton war.”


“Hmm, i remember i’ve lit this fire an year ago and left the place, why is it still burning?”


"Okay, let’s look at the map. The town east of here had been cleared out. That road to the north west dead ends at the hardware superstore. The North East split dead ends at that prison. South East it dead ends at a FEMA Camp. Straight north across the bridge is that city filled with Shocker Brutes. The roads South and Southwest both lead to the that other city, filled with hulk’s…

“I guess I start clearing out north? There’s a town of orchards in that city already, that’ll be useful later… Unless there’s something I might need in the hardware superstore… And two of my fellow refugees lived up north and want files of 6 their hard drives…”


"Damn, how many zombies are in this town anyway? It’s going to take forever to smash all these, and now Lauren’s badly hurt because of my stupid laser turret’s half-assed targeting.
“Well, nothing else for it, I’ve checked three other clothing stores and found nothing. If I’m going to replace my burned tuxedo I’ve got to get in there and check the remaining two stores!”


“I wonder if I can find some cool garments to hold more crap without impeding my movement…then again I’m not strong so…life is hard >_>”


I took a shopping cart, and welded half a bicycle to the front. I imagine my character wonders how ridiculous he looks spearing zombies from it, or how hard it was to carry a 200L drum while riding it. I have been thinking about upgrading to something else but its such an easy to drag and maneuver vehicle and it has ample storage space for looting, plus I don’t really want to get into mechanics to soon as I always end up with a nigh indestructible tank bike or a completely indestructible deathmobile. But Mostly he is thinking about where he is going to set up a permanent base at, currently he is holed up in the house he started in, I still don’t know how I was lucky enough to keep it secure in the first couple days.


“I’ve realized only amateurs rely on arm power, real force comes from drive and power emerging from the legs and hips…”

“THIS is what it means to be sharp! Understanding the theory and sense behind the movements, this allows my fists to fly out and land even though my opponent attacked first!”

“My fists… Are running. My legs… are flying. I’m able to send tons of force through my body!”

“I see now! They’re wide open!”

“Footwork, footwork, footwork…”

Leveling up and training my unarmed skill on my (kick)boxing character.


“Man, if only those books about magic were real! Then I could fireball zombies to death! Hey, what’s this thing? Create item?” Pushes mysterious button “Sweet! Die zombies! I have a staff that effectively shoots mini-nukes! Muhahahahahah!” Pushes myserious button again “Woah, this one is like a sniper rifle! Dang! I wish my bro could have seen that, I just shot a hole straight through a zombie hulk! Die fool!” Pushes mysterious button “Aah! It’s a Level 20 Plutonium Dragon! I’m getting out of here!” Puts on fake mustache and dives into a nearby bush

Good ol’ mods. Very entertaining.


"why do I keep this keg all the time, if I never drink from it? At this point I like knowing I have a keg full of fluid, ‘just in case’ more than the practicality of it… I should probably leave it at this mansion but… nah, I want it in my new mansion, just in case. Also that pile of rocks… the assorted electronics… hmm I should go into town and aquire a car to take it to my townside mansion… Probaly should have found a vehichle BEFORE I started clearing forest to the road. Wait… how did the previous owners even get in there? I don’t remember a heli pad or even a footpath leading up to it… Maybe they have a secret tunnel entrance? Wouldn’t that be too suspicious without a NORMAL entryway to the mansion?

I’d think they got caught in imenent domain, but theres not even a hint of a road. Maybe the secret entrance goes to the lab! Woah, thats downright umbrella corporation level creepy suspicious. hm… Sounds like a good excuse to kill anyone still alive working there. Can’t let folks like that continue to wreck havock on the world… until then… time to see if anyone in town has a good car for me.


‘One of these days, I just might press “Q”…’


“Young ant queens west-southwest…
Fungus west-northwest…
I still don’t wanna know what that is to the south deep in the trees…
Zombie filled town north…
River maybe 30FT to the east…
And i am living in this cathedral just south of town…
Now, why the actual fuck did i start building all my Defences ON THE SIDE WITH THE RIVER?!?!?!”

  • Charlotte Vampir Battle Maid of the Cathedral of Athena


I wonder how effective sharpening the edges of this shovel will make it on zombies?


“Sometimes I miss my mouth tentacles. People bothered me less.”


“Why don’t i know how to make wood floors but i can make a lightsaber?”

  • Charlotte Vampir Battle Maid of the Cathedral of Athena


Plays a lost submissive… finds a vibrator. Runs out of batteries. “Why can’t I have nice things?!”
Edit: wonder if I could use a battery mod to use a car battery with it…


You can.

I did. It doesn’t fit on the reclining seat in my mobile workshop though.

I have half a mind to mod a version you can install on a car seat.


Lulz. Might need a mop nearby with all the driving I do. XD


have you tried it with either a small storage battery or motorbike battery?


The battery case mod doesn’t let you use storage batteries. I’ve used a motorbike battery, but the car battery amuses me.


You are correct it cannot use the storage battery (as in the large one) however according to the jsons albeit I need to recheck if it is for certain items but they can use the SMALL storage battery.