What's your survivor thinking?


I’ll start first of course.
“These batteries aren’t going to last forever, and I’m worried about exploring too far out due to the lack of ammo. Food is sustainable but taking up a lot of the time I could be working. And then there’s those turrets down south with those military corpses. If I could take them out, there might be some ammunition or weapons.”


“I dont know why i listened to the TV and went to the shelter. in all my years of hoping for a situation like this, i planned and prepped for “urban” survival, yet when things started happening, i followed the crowd to the shelter. reactionary, really. had the alert come a few hours later, i wouldve been awake enough to understand, and would have stayed put… now its a long, tiring walk to town, i have no idea “what” town it is, or how to get back home for the bulk of my gear… at least i had enough foresight to have an EDC. got a flashlight, a space pen, a nice knife, my leatherman surge, its bits, a bit of duct tape, my lighter, my cigarettes, spare flashlight batteries, this notepad im writing in now… seems to be all here… thank you skinth catch-all… or did they call it a carry-all? … guess it doesnt really matter, does it?.. man, its so quiet. where is everyone? i coulda swore there were people around. i know at least i had gotten a ride from a couple, but this place is empty… im hungry, wonder if there is anything in those lockers.”

a few hours later:

“Update: Not a sound for hours, not a lick of food or anything else, really, in this shelter… i’ve scouted the surrounding area, found a piece of newspaper in a field that told me why: the shelters werent meant to shelter people… only to calm them down by their existence. they were never stocked… well, with my tools here i’ve taken apart some of these benches, carved some boards, used some of my paracord and made me a bow. i cut out some crude arrows, and whittled a handle into one of the bench legs so my bludgeon is easier to hold… i need some food soon, so its time to hit the road.”


"I wonder if there still are cows at that farm next to the mall. Probably not, but if there were and I could get them, then I could fresh milk - and make cheese for my lasagna.
"Even if I could rig some stalls in the APC and could lasso the cows, the wretched zombies probably killed the cows already - or will as soon as I get near, with my luck. I’d better be prepared.
"If there are cows and I get some alive, the zombies are going to hear them at the ranch and come for them. I don’t think the pit traps are going to be enough. Maybe some of those gun turrets would do the job if I put the cows in the silo and put the turrets around it.
“Man, why did I let that little rat obsessed weirdo con man convince me to set up a camp for refugees but put it so far from the ranch? That thing has been a time and fuel sink with no payoff in sight. Note to self: pickup the spare crucible I bought off Cassie the next time I’m up at the ranch.”


At a Sugar House.
“MMMMMMMMM PANCAKES! Now if only they had at least some soda in the fridge.”


Love the posts. Keep em coming. By the way, my survivor never found ammo where those turrets were, but at least I managed to handload some ammo in preparation. Needless to say, it’ll help me out later.


Is it possible to lasso cows and bring em to your ranch? And I’ve also seen horses in this game, do they have any practical use besides just butchering?


I found a barrel of whisky, and decided to drag it back to my house, I am playing a Knight from the rpg classes mod.


Yeah, I’ve been there. Such as holding a 100litre drum in my lap while driving because my a pc doesn’t have sufficient cargo capacity. :stuck_out_tongue:


I do not even have a car yet, nor the training to make one.


Grab a jerry can or gallon jug if you find one, then deconstruct a fridge I believe to get a hose and siphon all the fuel from cars and put it into the first vehicle you see with a good engine and good tires. Oh yeah, and a good battery :stuck_out_tongue:


You can’t actually lasso cows (yet), but you can make them friendly by feeding them cattle fodder and they’ll follow you around. In the past I have walked cows about 15 overmap tiles through fields to my base, but this farm is about 100 overmap tiles from the ranch through forest and I’m not going to do that.

Instead, I contributed the livestock stall so you can load animals into vehicles and drive them where they need to be. So that’s what I’m going to do.


Nice, sounds incredibly useful :slight_smile:


“Through the power of SCREW IT I command this pneumatic rifle “clip” into existence, as well as this cheeseburger.”


My RV is nearly full of items. Maybe I should just throw something away.
Or, repair the armor personal carrier…
But that would take a lot of time and I would have to collect diesels.

Solar panels really don’t give a lot of power. The RV has 19 solar panels, but the battery’s power are constantly dropping even when I don’t drive it. Making and storing charcoal in the car is just insane.

Oh well. At least I have lots and lots of food from farming. I will just slowly repair the armor personal carrier.


Did you turn off any devices such as security cameras, fridge and UPS charging station?


I turn off everything except the fridge. The car has a minireactor, and a ups recharge station, but I didn’t turn those on. It has two enhanced electric motor, frodo kitchen buddy, welding rig, forge, and a chemistry lab. no camera system/security camera. no turret. But I use the chemistry lab to cook everyday.


My last mansion was so isolated! Hopefully my ‘neiboring’ mansion is closer to the walking, and waiting loot for me to steal.

groan if not I’ll have to find a third mansion to put my things in. Hopefully I find a masion that meets my requirements before winter, else I might have to vent my frustration on the nearest town of loot and no one wants that. Wonder if I’ll meet anyone with something worthwhile to sell…Wonder who’s head I need to bash to get some palatable water. Guess I can always resort to fine wine if I have to…


I just now finished winter. Didn’t have food stockpiled so I ended up having to run around at midnight looking for dogs to kill. Now I know to stock up for winter lol


Posted something really dark. Regretted it. Edited it out.

Let’s just say my character is thinking ‘Man I could use some anti-depressants’.


“I swear to goodness if this idiot fires his POS handgun in this mall. I’m gonna kill him. If the Zeds don’t get him. I will.”:cold_sweat:

“NO, I am not going to risk my life, running halfway across BigCityopolis; just to get you some weather transcripts. Now, are you getting in this shitting golf buggy, or not!”:angry: