What's your favorite emojis?


Hmm :thinking:, I rather like :smiley: this crying guy :sob:. I probably like the :smiling_imp: more if he was red, but it’s still pretty nice. I definitely like these two :expressionless: :rofl:. This emoji :disappointed_relieved: is called disapointed_relieved, but I imagine it as something more like: “Aw crap”.


o_o I use the anime faces, mostly. ô_o O_o -- ^^.

Though, if it’s not obvious, I’m a big fan of frownie emoticons.




Like :3 And :smiley: Hee-Ho!


XD silly Redxlaser. |-P

emoticons are always superior : D ^.^ <.< >.> …>.> … . . . . .<.<


Sigh Once again people forget that my name is not capitalized. It seems so obvious to me, but so few others. :sweat:


Caps. English 101, and often default on things with autocorrect, or at least reflex action on the typists part.

In this case you fall under the rule of Names, and Proper Nouns - Section 9; Subsection 4; Paragraph 2; Line 1;

Bite me, Names get capped and I’ll not undervalue you to the status of non-proper noun.


–Oi, I kinda roleplay my username into a character I usually have in games. In his world, house names (rid ix lazir 15th) are not capitalized. Mentioning English 101 is irrelevant, because he is not english (nor any other language on Earth)! So, in most cases you would be correct, but not here! :smirk:
–I actually first thought of the name itself when I was a little kid (and wanted to name myself that when I got older. Cuz reasons), but as I aged I better developed how this character really is. Technically, the lack of capitalization is from my youth (but it stayed on purpose).
–Now, we should either make a new thread to talk about this more, or stop going off on a tangent. After all, this thread is meant to be about emojis, not what we are talking about right now.

Thematic emoji spam! :smirk::unamused::confused::disappointed_relieved::sunglasses::no_mouth::sob::smile::hugs::angry::smiling_imp:


Emojis/emoticons = sub topic of english, language and its bastardizations and evolution. We good.


Hmm. True. I don’t understand how it all works, but I’ve seen some people do entire conversions with just emojis and emoticons. I’m a electronic/computer lover, so I’m not massively out of date or something like that, but at times I feel like we are becoming Egyptian.


I typed out a long rant about how Emojis are breaking down my generation’s ability to express their complex emotional states. Deleted it because no one cares.

But yeah, hey, emojis have become our language. How about that . . .


–I like emojis, but they will never become my language. I love to write books, and emojis will never be able to express the amount of detail I pour in hours of writing. Sadly, between being picky about the book ‘sounding right’ and not the best attention span, I have yet to complete even one book. But the whenever people read my rough drafts they almost always tend to love them, so that’s encouraging.
–In case anyone is going to ask, I will not disclose any content inside any of my potential books. Since it’s possible that my creative genius will be stolen, and I really don’t want that.


I know it’s not emoji talk anymore, but hey, just keep writing.

I started writing when I was 11. I didn’t actually finish an entire novel until I was 23, and if I’m honest, it was garbage. I finished my third book about 2 years ago and it’s the best thing I’ve ever written. I’m 30 now – that means that I wrote for 17 years until I actually produced something I was proud of.

Just keep going. It’s like anything else, if you put in the work, you finish.

Also, you’re too paranoid about people stealing your work. Most people don’t care, and even if they did, whatever you’re writing has probably already been done before. Most of the time writing comes down to the quality of YOUR voice, the way YOU tell the story, not the actual story itself. Very few people have truly original ideas.


–Mentioning ‘original ideas,’ it frustrates me when I make up something and then later find out it is already taken! :angry: I have plenty of ideas that are different than any other story I’ve heard of, but it’s hard to tell if something is truly original nowadays since there are so many stories already made!
–I have no intention of quitting writing entirely, but sometimes it just takes time for me to get back into the mood of it. I often don’t write as good if I attempt to do so when I’m not really ‘feeling’ for it. It’s still good, but not great. And like I said, I’m picky. I’ve wrote probably over a hundred rough drafts of different story ideas (Which I often go back to and try again) but it tends to end up not quite where I want it to be at.
–Luckily, I don’t intend to be an author as a job, but more of a hobby.


But if we are speaking about emojis then shouldn’t we focus more on… You know…
:star: Emojis :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :star:
Also writing books is pretty cool. :3 I can say that i wrote some books but never truly shared them, although i do share some small histories in the internet here and there sometimes.


hmm, its hard to pick just one :thinking:
I guess this one fits my interactions most often :sweat_smile:

Oh, just saw the custom emojis at the bottom of the list: :kg: :laughing_pirate_monkey:


I’ve got several stories bouncing around my brain, but don’t feel like I have a medium I can correctly portray them through, or at tleast quickly get stimied at those “in-between” bits I havn’t thought through 20 ways already.

emojies ->
Ah, man i forgot about that, Thats definately my fav. I can’t think of a better one, I mean all the important things that need be comunicated can be done with :laughing_pirate_monkey: