What obscure/unique weapons you want to see in C:DDA?

Not exactly obscure, but I’m astounded this isn’t a recipe in the game. We have baseball bats, we have barbed wire, we even have nail bats. But we don’t have barbed wire bats, so you can Negan it up. Maybe even just include it in the nail bat recipe, but be able to sub out the nails for a couple of lengths of barbed wire.

EDIT: Disregard, just saw the recipe :wink:

The only working version of the gun is owned by a guy named CHAD fyi

If trying to draw, or even list, the game’s items has taught me anything it’s that we have far too many obscure or unique weapons and armour already…


That is the beauty of games with simple graphics, you can easily add more variety and complexity because you don’t need fancy models and images for everything. Then when you try to make a tileset for such a game the artists have to butt up against that menagerie of design and complexity, which is also why we all love tile-set creators so much!

The VSS vinotrez or any 9x39mm gun.

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Ever heard of a cane gun? I don’t think they currently exist in the game, though I could be wrong.

wouldnt it falll into that shotgun spear?

No. And I think the thing you were thinking of earlier is the gunlance

Not entirely obscure but a sligbow. Basically a slingshot that shoots arrows. On the note of slingshots one possible mod that could give them more use is high velocity rubber.

awesome, thanks for more ideas from you guys… all noted and will be tested.

Has anybody mentioned the XM556 Microgun yet? http://www.emptyshell.us/xm556-microgun
Still in development today but might be finished by the time the Cataclysm rolls around. Fires 5.56 NATO rounds, which already exist in-game. Perfect for those players that want to gun down oncoming hordes but find the M134 is too realistically unwieldy.

an Ida would be cool


What about something like Reason? For those survivors who don’t know to what their 10+ mechanics, electronics, fabrication, computers, marksmanship, and whatever else skills could be applied?

I would want the .44 Automag. Big, beefy, and unwieldy .44 magnum semi-auto pistol. Was notoriously unreliable, but would be a good handcannon to blast zombies with.

A literal cannon.


found an alternate version XD

i already made something similar to .44 magnum, but need more testing since i designed it to be like “unwieldy but packs a punch against zombies”

Anzio 20mm has weight and volume that i consider to be impossible to be in-game, although if i scaled it down somehow.

Jericho 941? Stats similar to a cz75 would be appropriate.

What about a laser bow/crossbow?, like the laser guns but with a bow, or since you are already experienced with transforming items, what about a bow/crossbow that can be transformed into an ax or sword?, or a bow than can be converted into a crossbow (and vice versa) to use the various ammunition