What do YOU think is the worst kind of zomble?


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-When I ask this I don’t just mean in the Cataclysm. I mean in any case in in place.
-My arch-nemesis is the headcrab zombie. It always has been, it always will be:

-Even more so this kind of headcrab zombie:


This motherfucker, also known as the bloater from The Last of Us





Vloggers there f-cking cancer.


The WORST kind of zombie is a zombie that behaves intelligently. I HATE when games/stories/movies make it so that the zombies can learn. Day of the Dead, the old one, has a zombie that ‘remembers’ shaving and saluting and things like that. The Crossed comic books (they’re not zombies, per se, but I really hated this one) introduced in one arc that the Crossed ‘learned’ patience, despite being constantly framed as mindless sacks of violence.

I really, really hate that. If you’re telling a story about how they’re mindless, tireless consumers, then don’t tell me otherwise later on.

Also, don’t read the Crossed series. It’s abysmal.


For C:DDA, it’s gotta be corrosive zeds.

For other games, I really hate chaingunners in doom.


I found this thing yesterday when reading the Miscreated 2018 state of the game, some sort of spider mutant, it’s kind of creepy. Not sure if it’s a technically a zombie though.

It’s hard to say what I hate most in CDDA, I usually use a crossbow so I haven’t had too much trouble with Corrosives, but yeah when they get close it’s hell. I dislike the Feral Predator, I think it is, as well as the Shocker Brutes when they catch you off guard.


Gotta say corrosive or acid zombies. With shockers as a close second. Melting to death in acid or getting shocked inside your vehicle and crashing into a nearby river into deep water ain’t that fun ye know?


Zombie Grenadiers.

They are the one thing that’ll make Noble Culver go “Oh Crap!” when he sees them. Shocker Brutes/Sparker Zombies? Yay, more CBMs! Acidic Zombies, bah, I’m immune! Hulks? Yay, free lunch. But he sees a Zombie Grenadier and suddenly its a matter of life and death.


Oh yeah I forgot about the Grenadiers, I haven’t run into too many of them, but the first time I did I lost a 2 year old character lol.


Luckily I’ve only seen one, and he didn’t see me. So I just ran away since the idea of zombies throwing grenades at me sounded terrifying. I was tempted to try and kill it anyway, since I’m the Nade-Master! And he was trying to usurp my not-actually-existing throne!


[quote=“redxlaser15, post:11, topic:14917, full:true”]
Luckily I’ve only seen one, and he didn’t see me. So I just ran away since the idea of zombies throwing grenades at me sounded terrifying. [/quote]

Throwing? Nonono, it is much worse. They release an explosive hack which will homing on you (or on some other living, if you are lucky). They release mostly grenade hacks, but also gas- flash- and C-4 hacks. This last can ruin your day even if you are behind a reinforced window. Also their elite version has mininuke-hacks too.


Were spitters removed from the game? They were absolutely the worst zombie for quite a long time, but I haven’t seen one in quite a while. Even with decent a decent ranged weapon they can easily catch you off guard and suddenly your in the middle of a big acid puddle. I’ve probably lost more early survivors to this than anything else.

Grenadiers are probably remain the most dangerous into mid and later playthroughs, the best way to defeat these guys is probably the EMP projector bionic, as they only throw hack grenades.


Cataclysm+ mod bionic sniper zombies. Long range and if you are not wearing the equivalent of power armor can practically one shot you from their max view range.