What are you currently playing ? (Mandatory topic)


Smf cata forum braindamage troll game


Modding New Vegas beyond stability.

Haven’t modded any Fallout game since like 3, and boy did that game crash a lot. I swear I’ve seen that “Fallout3.exe has stopped working” message more than I’ve actually played the game.

I’ll be back into C:DDA soon… one can only play Fallout for so long lol.


MineCraft again. Gotta build all the castles on all the mountains.


Got a Tecknik ‘Enhanced’ world generation build going on right now. All the biomes are extreme mountains, even the plains, but especially the extreme mountains. Think they put multipliers on terrain height or something, but it makes for some AMAZING views. Also near impossible to navigate sometimes but meh. Once I get a jetpack going I’ll have an easier time building skybridges along these cliffs and sky islands.

Think it also increases max Z levels in either direction… So cool.


I’ve been playing a bit of Heat Signature, it’s kinda like Hotline Miami in space(and I didn’t like hotline miami all that much tbh, please don’t shoot me), with pause and decent stealth mechanics, as well as gadgets/tools to help with your “art of killing”.


Rimworld and space station 13
Staples of potatohood regarding my computer


bought it a while back, it’s due to release on steam on the 16th, i’m about to download the recent version and start playing again.

highly recommend this let’s play series, he’s a really good youtuber/streamer anyway:


Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. Awesome.


Yeah I’ve been looking into Cogmind, and actually had a dream I was playing it last night, which I just now remembered while reading this thread lol. I’ve watched some of Quill18’s video on it, and I was in the starting room(in my dream) and I started moving but all the parts you could add weren’t there… that’s when I should have realized it was a dream and turned it lucid, but it’s not always that easy lol.

Oh BTW, Sid Meier’s Civilization III Complete is free on Humble Bundle (https://www.humblebundle.com/store/sid-meiers-civilization-iii-complete
), and gives a Steam Key which I just grabbed… and actually found a CD and Box copy with the original manual in it at Goodwill or one of the thrift stores near me within the last year or so.


finally got to play Witcher 3 (60% discount on GOG and Steam for another few days iirc). By far the best game i’ve played in recent memory, now also reading the books :slight_smile:


Frustrating, but kinda fun
I’m bad at it


1 more ship, the Crystal B, in FTL left to beat on normal, then either mods or hard difficulty(no pause?!).


starcraft 2 arcade. I’ll get back to the main game…eventually.


been doing a highly modded terraria playthrough lately with my buddy from chicago.


I need to try some modded terraria, only played vanilla so far.


I’m trying to get back to WarThunder right now, so if anyone playing it too would like to discuss or play together, you’re free to text me!

Searching the topic indicates that @NuG plays it too, among others, but other posts are just far too old to reply to.


I actually just tracked down an original copy of Hitman: Codename 47, so I’m going to be playing the entire franchise in order. I haven’t played the newest one yet and I’m ramping up to that.


Yes I play one or two battles of Arcade Planes a day. I am at 321 days of consecutive logins, trying to get the 365 days for one of the decals. I got to about 270 before this go then went on vacation and lost my progress lol.
Here is a recent battle I put on YouTube, I usually fly USA. I like to go for the pillboxes with the Tier 3 P47s, because it usually gives me a lot of points lol.
I do have jets on the US tree, but I’m much better at rank 2-4 than I am at tier 5.


Caves of Qud as well as Wayward! I’ve played both before, but was a while ago, I’ve recently tried to get back into CoQ and am really enjoying it!

I really want to get into Dwarf Fortress and downloaded the Lazy Newb Pack, but I can’t seem to scroll up and down or hit enter to select anything on the main menu. I think I need to read a guide or something.


Yeah controls for DF seem weird even for rouguelike, or whatever DF fort building mode counts as. Always ended up pressing the wrong keys when trying to do stuff, and it got frustrating for me. Maybe I’ll try again some day. figure out a hotkey mapping that makes sense to me.