What are you currently playing ? (Mandatory topic)


be warned, this is far from out (also i didn’t feel it warrants a new thread hence posting it here) and is nothing but a trailer for now, but god dayum, i am excite, son.

gotta love the name of their engine “Falling Everything Engine”, this has potential to be an awesome game, i always wished you could leverage the destructible levels of spelunky a lot more so a game that supposedly simulates every pixel physically is a solid do want.


Elona+ with ElonaCustom, just starting that third act, killed Siva of Destruction, just getting some things done and Lost Irva here I come!


Oh Noita does look neat. like a roguelike set inside a falling sands game. Can’t wait to see what children that idea spawns.


I play FTL:AE at least once a day, along with a round or two of War Thunder and then a couple matches of Minion Matsers and then I usually play CDDA after all that.

Yesterday a played a bit of Kenshi, Rodina, Atomic Society, and Quest Hunter… but was just checking them out, didn’t play much more than the tutorial, a few minutes checking them out each.

Other games I’ve been playing are Rust, Starward Rogue, Enter the Gungeon, Starship Theory, Vagante, Stellar Tactics, oh AND RIMWORLD! can’t forget that awesome game.

Uhmm I think I play too many, or is it not enough… hrmm, games.


OH, yes the rimworld. Probably where Im headed back to when I get done checking CDDA threads for people who DARED to speak after me :stuck_out_tongue:
Finally got a components bench, almost done with the last research, and am about to start ranging out to conquering those pesky pirates, instead of just mineral clumps and item stashes. The charge rifles help.

The starting map I got was just too perfect to be honest. May have to random next time or something. Starting in a mountain region with the top half a mountain and everything else chokepoints with a perfect alcove, that needs only two small walls is a bit too perfect.

But it did teach me the importance of kiting in Rimworld when I opened the no warning cryo chamber with a syther and a centipede. And how much better a wall is than a sandbag, or better yet a single sandbag next to a wall. Much cheaper on valuable iron steel


I mostly play crappy phone games, the current less crappy one is Infinitode, it’s a tower defense game with a tech tree for tower upgrades. Ends up as a mashup of tower defense and an incremental, which is fun at first and then turns into grinnnnnd.


Yeah, I stopped playing that when it became clear thats where it was going. It basically said so from the start, but once I had a level in the tech tree it was basically. Yep I have learned everything of value this has to offer, and foresee no more entertainment value here.

Age of Strategy is a Turn based strategy similar to Advanced Wars or Tactikon. Building units uses turns as currency per building. It has a master tech tree that unlocks everything and also allows the purchase of one time use powers. But you want a lot of those unlockable units for the campaigns that are MANDITORY if you want any of the crystals used to buy the master tech tree stuff. Can’t play fun random games and get any credit. Only campiagns.

Luckilly there are like a billion such campaigns many user submitted that let you level up bit by bit, but most are either so easy, but using such large armies facing off from across the map that it makes it a grind to manually move all the units. And sure you can set them via, the building or individuals or groups to set a waypoint for them to move towards, but;

[ol][li]they have ZERO pathing ability and will all run straight towards the waypoint, even if it crams them into a wall instead of going around it.[/li]
[li]units of the same speed moving together, will move out of order and force adjacent units to take less than the max steps forwards[/li][/ol]

Or they probably require units and upgrades you have no access to until you beat more campaigns.

Other than that its a great game.


bought TESO a few days ago at a great discount. i’m playing it as a sp game, for the extra lore and to explore Tamriel. AT 10$ wasnt a bad purchase, but it’s indeed a mmo. Anyway, the main quests aren’t too bad, and traveling around and speaking with the NPCs, stealing their shit and reading all the bits and pieces is worth the price. Otherwise it’s retardedly easy and i’ve died maybe 2-3 times, more because i missed a key than due to challenge posed by any mob. Eh, think SWTOR, played it for the story with 2-3 clases, they are mostly on par.


Top-down survival horror with limited field of vision.
Holy fuck it does manage to nail the atmosphere of a “run, don’t look back”. It also has a mechanic that forces the player to camp out the night while monsters attack, which in the first few nights is intensely spooky.


Anxiety and suspense are the real hallmarks of the horror genre.

all this blood guts, sex, and ‘cool’ shit only detracts from it.

I managed to drip soup onto (into?) my computer, and the sound card went krak-kow! fizzle crack! I can use headphones, but native sound is a nono now. The best of bad outcomes, I assure you.


so your saying that a broken sound card makes some horror games more intense?


I dont horror game any more.

But the sound of the chip on the fritz was horrifying.

If I MUST comment on games I do play Im playing CKII and the world is currently deblobed af. The two mussies broke apart into gore, the seljuks empire and shia syria exist. Europe is getting nommed by me, and the vikings have holdings in England for once. Scotland, to be percise. They hold norther scotland and wessex (of all places) and north ireland.

Khazaria was a monster for a while, as they ate up RUS and ruthenia. Bohemia was a monster before that, owning hungary and pannonia and armenia and saxony. and the mongols are/were a power in the east, controlling everything behind khazaria.

India is a pile of gore, and the african monothyists were just recently overrun by the deblobed egypt and yeman. Egypt has eaten the christain kingdom of tunis, and fuckin’ Muslim Castille is the dominant Spanish kingdom, as Hispania proper is now centered in moorish land and Castile [i[assimilated[/i] birttany into its de jure holdings. Hold onto that, Brittany is dejure part of castille.

Im lithuania (prussia due to culture) and now that khazaria has fallen and there are still no crusades Im running armok. In maybe 50 years the crusades will trigger, but I dont think it will save any european power but italy, as aquitaine is the only part of france not gored and heresied into oblivion.

So, byzantine is taking armenia and wallachia, and they are the only coherent empire but mine own. Svijod converted to my religion to avoid a crusade up their bums, and I didnt even want to crusade up there (so Im okay with this) because owning ‘the north’ would make an easy situation even easier.

Svijod owns the majority of scandinavia, with danmark recently breaking away.


[quote=“pisskop, post:830, topic:6312”]Anxiety and suspense are the real hallmarks of the horror genre.

all this blood guts, sex, and ‘cool’ shit only detracts from it.[/quote]

That’s why I liked Darkwood. It doesn’t get any real guts until one-third into the game, has like one very minor jump scare in the whole game, instead relying on sounds of footsteps (not faked, just monsters walking around), music, limited vision, growls from outside vision, and penalties for dying.


Psychonauts is free on the Humble Bundle store right now for anyone interested. I have it from a previous bundle, but still haven’t played it. It’s not like CDDA or anything, but have heard it’s not bad for what it is.




No Problem! :slight_smile:


Outlast is now free on the Humble Bundle store, probably for a limited time, for anyone interested!


thanks again.




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