What are you currently playing ? (Mandatory topic)


Yeah, I saw that soon as I went to do so. Might buy anyways… especially if I can get one of these other computers to work.


Mandatory huh? You aren’t my supervisor!

Pokemon Moon, Cataclysm (obvs), and Overwatch.

A nice mix of casual rpg playing, relaxing sandbox, and ‘omg wtf why are you using Hanzo you noob go uninstall and die.’


Oh yeah, I’m also playing Pokemon Sun. I’m mad that Bank won’t be updated until January. I HAVE AN ENTIRE LIVING POKEDEX UP THERE.


I’ve been playing absolutely stupid amounts of puzzle and dragons. Does this make me a bad person? Probably.
It’s a lot deeper and skill based than I thought it would be, hence me still playing.
Also it’s a pay to advance collection based game that punishes you with ridiculous amounts of grinding if you don’t pay for stuff.


so are your paying for stuff or grinding like no tomorrow?


Grinding like there’s no tomorrow of course. I’ve given them some money by buying some “value packs” they offer sometimes, but only like $10 worth I think.
Actually they did this really frustrating tournament thing that has killed my desire to put a lot of time into the game*, so now I’m putting most of that time toward something more worthwhile, dda dev :3


You guys: Go check Subterrain. And also Running with Rifles.


Saw a free Kongregate game that looked similar-ish to sub-terrain but based in space, and much lower quality game.



I died 4 times in this game. I always play with perma death :D.

One time i died in the loading screen… apparently enemies don t care whether i am done loading.

And the other 3 times i died from my own plasma weapon… yeah i never learned not to use it… and i am not going to.


Replaying the same Shadow of Mordor challenge over and over, while listening to podcasts. It’s just a really good way to shut down for a while, it feels great. Otherwise, Doom 2016, classic Doom with friends online and Blacklight Retribution (hey, it’s free and i don’t have many games)

And Minesweeper.
Holy shit.
I love it.


Motorsport Manager
Kerbal Space Program
Open Xcom
Heroes of might and Magic
Donkey Kong Country (snes)
Cities in motion 2

Just to name a few


DDA and Russian standalone STALKER mod “Darkest Time” (with english dialog patch and AI mod)

I’m always working through one STALKER mod or another. Damn I wish there was a proper new game, after so many years of playing mods I’m sadly starting to get bored with the first three games even modded. Maybe there will be a really distinct mod with a new story based off of Call of Chernobyl, but most mods just don’t add enough new content or mechanics to keep me as interested as I used to be. Maybe it’s time for me to slug through the SDK install and start modding myself?

That Subterrain game looks pretty neat


Let it die.


I’m going to be playing The Witcher 3 when it finally installs the update that means I don’t have to wait a minute after each sentence during conversations.




I keep forgetting the name of a game someone posted here. Its a stranded on an island craft survival game. thesaurus is inexplicably useless despite the name being a 1 word named game synonymous with stranded/marooned. Why is that word so hard to remember?!?!?!


You got one of the words right! But you need to add “deep” after that word. There you will find the game you want. It’s a two word game name!


just finished replaying Deus Ex Human Revolution. This time i just did a leisure play, exploring as much as i could. I am damn amazed at how well the game captures a dystopian alternate history , spent lots of time just listening to random dialogues between non-essential NPCs, watching news and reading lore. Even though the player is given the illusion of choice until the end, this detracts nothing from an absolutely amazing story.


Nah, I found it it was wayward. I remember it having a better name. A very simple but fun rougue-like.you get some minor benefits from previous play if they met certain milestones too, which is nice. Plus you get to keep all your recipes. Its basically mandatory that you find a wooded area though, or your survival time is seriously limited by your ability to make fire. Palm trees do not give all the needed ingredients. Namely twigs/branches which are needed to make kindling/tinder. Also you can’t replant palms in any fashion, no saplings or such. The only other oboxious bit I can think of, is that backpack item is broken, especially in that putting a raft in will make it so you have to carry the raft while rowing it. meaning you can’t hold much else. Pouch works fine for some reason though.


well… since it’s mandatory:
binding of isaac, death skid marks, factorio, grip, oxygen not included, planter coaster and rollercoaster tycoon world, rimworld, streets of rogue (really enjoying this one, very much recommended), unexplored (now that game has cool procedural generation, maybe one of the few actual procedural as well instead of just randomized) and those are the ones i’m really actively playing lately, i’d still like an excuse to get back into arma 3 multiplayer, but… that’ll never realistically happen because the main reasons i gave up on it was the terrible quality vehicle to vehicle physics interactions, the every group you spend much time with eventually someone wants to start duping and the god awful lag.

oh and cataclysm dda in case it’s not obvious, this game is pretty much timeless imo.

[edit] nearly forgot, but i just found out about duskers and had to pick it up, seems like a really cool game, i’m remembering how much DOS prompts suck through it though is the problem, but at least they added things like autocomplete for commands and such. [/edit]