What are you currently playing ? (Mandatory topic)


I remember in fallout 3 being able to jump off buildings, target someone in vats before the fall kills me and surviving the ordeal from punching them. Once I even used it to cross a gap.

I was the batman.


[quote=“Pthalocy, post:740, topic:6312”]Oh my god I opened Skyrim up after a solid month of playing fallout 3. The graphical increase just about tore my face off. Like, I been in the nuclear hot tub and decided to jump into the regular pool again.


FO4 is gonna be like launching myself into the vacuum of space. Beautiful, enhanced only by IMAX, and very, very bad for my body.

My friend The Mike and I have also discovered I am a surprisingly dextrous piece of bread on a quest to become toast. I did crazy kick-flips onto skateboards and shit today. I AM BREADMUND![/quote]
Tell me about it. Never liked the Fallout 3 or NV graphics (also as a rule I don’t buy DLC, but the DLC areas in FO3 and NV were actually pretty well done as things go.)


Can you actually believe people thought these games were for kids? :smiley:
I loved my childhood. What little of it there was at least. >.>
Also I’ve never played majora’s mask.
I was always too busy replaying Ocarina of Time. Water temple…?
Nah, let’s go fishing instead.


I’ve been playing a bit of The Witcher lately. It’s seriously refreshing to play a game that doesn’t rigidly adhere to black and white morality or hamfistedly force ‘noble’ goals down the player’s throat.


[quote=“Logrin, post:741, topic:6312”]I remember in fallout 3 being able to jump off buildings, target someone in vats before the fall kills me and surviving the ordeal from punching them. Once I even used it to cross a gap.

I was the batman.[/quote]

I WANT TO BE YOU. I tried to do shenannigans like that, but my mod-stack actually prevents me from becoming the Batman.

So I use some scoped rifle I found instead, and a shitload of drugs to steady my hands. I may be playing a diazepam addict but damn if he isn’t the best at what he does.

And what he does is drugs. Also justice. But my justice, not just the one that scores me karma. My mods no longer report what actions give/take karma, so I’m flying by my instincts instead.

Okay the flying is definitely the drugs talking. Fuuuuuck it needs to be release day for the next damn game


I like the Witcher 2. It’s a great game, but I just can’t get the hang of it.
It’s just… too open. Too many railroading RPGs and sandbox games I guess.

Seriously, the atmosphere is perfect. The voice acting is pretty good as well-- and it doesn’t skimp on the comedy either (I mean, you are supposed to laugh at the hilariously bad ye oldé inglush aksunt, right?)

Reminds me of dragon age, but I hated dragon age. Character interaction wasn’t too bad, but the plot felt cliche.
Gameplay really wasn’t balanced for warriors either-- but then running the spellsword class or bloodmage was essentially easymode. Also the party social system felt insane at times.

It’s a shame because BioWare do some good RPGs. NWN and hordes of the underdark was fantastic and NWN2… Well, Neeskha :heart:






Fishing Planet. It’s FREE on steam

IF you wanna chat, i’ll look for my skype, in-game name - Ferodaktyl :stuck_out_tongue:


Currently playing Crusader Kings II.

Started out with a scandinavian Sayyid. (because i can.)

Reformed Norse by 820, and started taking Brittania. Formed the british empire by 950, and started chewing into spain.

Currently waging war against the Abbassids, and taking pieces of Byzantium.


Big fucking surprise I’m playing fallout 4 lmfao

So that’s one more reason i’m rarely online


Fallout 4.

I’ve got two and a half suits of power armour so far.


can’t wait to play it… some day… down the road. Till then, realizing why battlefield 4 is really good afterall.


I wish my computer was enough to handle Fallout 4 :frowning:


let’ s hold hands while crying :slight_smile:


I’ve gotten to used to CDDA’s roguelike player-punishment. Fallout 4 is too damn nice to me.

By the time you guys can afford to play/I sell my computer off to one of yous (sorry, still using it for the forseeable future), they’ll have a zillion survival overhaul mods for the PC so you can actually have a challenge besides “where’s the quest marker on my map?”

I realize this really doesn’t justify as a complaint on my part. But I will indeed dig through older computers in this home and see if any have relevant graphics cards or are useful as-is for someone needing a better rig. I have doubts anything will be useful but I’ll take a look!


Pth pls halp, I have a GT 610 :frowning:


Ugh, so most of the computing devices we have that might play things have been taken by my youngest bro since he’s in university now.

And the graphics cards on our home pc’s are …actually older than the GT 600 series. Fuckin’. I’m sorry about that. I think I got something helpful for folks and none of the shit I thought we had is here any more. My dad probably took the stuff back to his workplace rather than sell it for money.

Lame. I’m kind of disappointed.

Turns out my ASUS seems to have the company-secret bullshit problem of spontaneously losing power (I’m led to believe it’s either a motherboard flaw or something related to how the power source is handled.) So until I learn to trust this machine for long stints of gameplay, I’m kind of experiencing shit creek right here with ya man :frowning:


…Wait holy shit, you have that problem too?
My AMD mobo drops power sometimes too. an MSI make, I think.
I assumed it was a faulty memory module or a loose connection somewhere.
It doesn’t happen very often (sometimes two, three times a day, other times… nothing for months. considering it’s usually on for 9+ hours, it’s more annoying than problematic.) Each time it happens I swear I’ll replace the memory and I never do.

My other thought was the PSU-- it would be running close to max wattage when I bought it anyway and they do loose some capacity after a while.

Anyway, FUCK. Settlement invasions are simple as hell the entire game and then suddenly-- BAM.
Super mutant masters with miniguns, rocket launchers and super sledges.
Had to pop some psycho, jet and med-x to get through that one.

>Blast supersledge guy:: He dies
>Flank minigun guy:: He dies :: Three SnM Masters blat me with rockets
return to start;

> hide behind cover
> Missiles are still AoE
return to start;

>Rush missile guys, hide behind cover in a lucky guard tower, ZA WARUDO with Jet
>Minigun guy guns me down from behind
return to start;

If I had my fat man, I would have used it. Fields of crops and settlers be damned.

Luckily my companion keeps a Quick-draw, quad-barrel, stabilized, missile launcher with a FoF targetting computer on hand for just this kind of NOPE.jpeg moment. You have no idea how handy that thing was. but seriously, I just stepped out of my power armour for a moment and this kind of thing happens to me.

First thing I do when I’ve re-established a supply line is to install a wall around the entire compound, line it with missile turrets as opposed to the shitty MG ones I’ve been using, then fill the settlement with artillery. There’s a supermutant hive nearby and it seems it may need to be cleared out once again.


Okay so remind me not to establish any more settlements that sounds like pure madness and I haven’t even made it to Diamond City yet due to Sanctuary being so god damned buildable.
I love making towns and stuff! It’s what I love about minecraft! …I do not like micromanaging idiot peons who I can’t tell is assigned to what, and randomly all my goodness gets destroyed and I have to count numbers and earn resources just to place crap. That is why I don’t like the Sims and housefires.

Ah well.

The power loss error I experience is …pretty well documented by an angry section of the Asus using community. Read through that thread and see if that problem sounds like yours, I don’t know how much of it is relevant since your build is different, but they’ve made some interesting headway for those with daily issues by underclocking their computers slightly.


I usually just designate a few settlements as ‘salvage hubs’, making them well defended ghettos full of scavenger’s stations. I funnel people in from the good settlements and import all the food and water from elsewhere. with 60+ settlers doing the work for you across three settlements resources aren’t too thin until you get into megaprojects. The baseball nut in diamond city sells shipments of wood–which is precious seeing as you inexplicably cannot build metal floors.

Naturally I used a glitch (being on console) to exceed the build limit for a particular farm homesteaded beneath a massive powerline tower to make an apartment complex.


Burned out on Fallout 4 a few days ago. Don’t worry @Pthalocy it’s not that bad-- that was just one attack. Most of my other settlements tend to repel attacks pretty easily.

I’ve now colonized every single settlement bar 1 I’ve just found (and possibly one more… Also I’ve yet to hit the plot quest that gives me control of bunker hill, although murdering everyone there and force a… hostile takeover… might be viable. Seriously considering it, because I had to colonize one half of the map to get a decent supply line to the castle.)

Unfortunately due to owning so many settlements I frequently get attacked at two of them at once-- and then usually another attack just after I’ve finished defending those-- and if you miss the dialog box you might not have time to attend both attacks.

Also you should really scout around during the attacks-- I’ve noticed the completion dialog come up from the settlers and yet still fail on fast travel out due to some lone ghoul or something standing around. Kinda sucks when you’ve got so many turrets and guards that they could easily wipe out half of boston.

Also holy hell. Those missile turrets are insane. Rapid fire missiles. Just watched a raider walk into one of my settlements.
Turret fires four missiles before the guard can even raise his rifle.