What are you currently playing ? (Mandatory topic)


[quote=“Pthalocy, post:718, topic:6312”]I’m playing the “wait for next Gravity Falls episode to air” game.

It’s not a game and I’m still l o s i n g


It looks like the Riddler made you crazy (? (those green ?s in the background!)

Anyways, playing arkham knight here! And most importantly, got in an skype group and we play Doom like 25/8, so it’s awesome.

Wait I just noticed something... that marker... what did he write with it... did he draw himself going crazy... or just his eyeballs? DID YOU REPLACE YOUR EYEBALLS WITH SOMETHING AND THEN PUT DOTS ON THEM?!?!?!?! Oh well, poor guy really is crazy.


You can never unsee it.


Cataclysm DDA, League of Losers, and Freeciv.


That’s my wacom stylus! If it’s leaving ink on things, something is seriously wrong with it.

And yes. Yes I did replace my eyeballs. Ask me how! I know lots of things!

L̗͉̥̳O͔̩̯̤̭T̬̤S ͚̣̳̮͓̪̖O̟͕͎̜̳̯F̞ ͉̪T͉̫̦̣H̤̣͔̰̦̦̤I̘̣̣͔N̺G̩̹͙̩̘͎ͅS̹̯̲̜.̰̰̣͇

Nice job, Pinetree! You remembered to check for hidden text! Aren’t you clever?

I am also getting back into Dungeons and Dragons. Like, on actual table with real dice. It is pleasant.


Lots of good memories there.

I’ve been Storytelling my current V:tM (revised) game for about a year now - set in a post-Gehenna period that reads like the Metro games but with the addition of lots of mindless, feral vampires.


Ooh, I forgot about the Masquerade! Last time I played anything White Wolf, I think it was Changeling: the lost? I vaguely recall being a WWI soldier who got very very lost, and returned to the present world made mostly of brass and clockwork.

My DM is burning himself out running epic grand adventures that last us years. We play every other saturday and it’s too damn slow. We have to constantly fill in absent players on what happened. The DM has to plan all sorts of world details in case we decide to do a thing.

The new method involves one plot arc as a self-contained campaign that runs about a month, each saturday. Whoever’s available that time plays. We cut out whole sessions wasted buying/selling loot in town, and more time with the good rp parts and combat/adventure. Plot concludes, we discuss where we wanna go next, and the DM will only build that section of the world. We might not play D&D for a month or two - whatever is needed for the players to find a chunk of freetime again. Less taxed DM, less chance of players missing plot-relevant details, and it won’t haunt them for 3 years if they do.


We’re thinking Call of Cthulhu next, because Halloween.


I read it too! The whale was unique in that they strapped engines to it in the first book for reasons I can’t remember. I read that series backwards on accident.


I /need/ that Classic Pathologic in the 29 of October.


I’m currently playing Warhammer 40k, the Tabletop game, not the video games. I currently run Space Marines with Raptors Tactics. Every now and then I like to try bringing Lias Issodon for the express purpose of trying to troll for First Blood… During the Deployment Phase

Does anyone else play the tabletop?


that sounds like fun. Wish I had someone to try those kinds of games with :frowning:


You should download a program called Vassal, as well as the Warhammer 40k mod for it. It’s what I use to play 40k with people from all over the world. You should send me a message with your skype if you’d like to try it out.


ok. >.< damit. This means I am going to waste more time having fun. I have been trying to be more “productive” go ahead and send me the links if you would. Thanks


Here’s Vassal: http://www.vassalengine.org/

Here’s the 40k Mod for Vassal: http://vassal40k.tripod.com/
Just beware that it’s old, and hasn’t been updated past 6th edition. So for a few newer things you’ll need to use proxies.

And finally, all of the digital versions of the codexes can be found here, if you don’t already have the rulebook and codex for the army you want to play. https://mega.nz/#F!pFgm0RKR!J06C1gVYcjzNGsF8YNLsjQ

Oh, and my skype is hellfire583 if you want to talk. The game goes a lot better if the moves are called out over voice rather than text.



Team Fortress 2, 'Nuff said.


not nuff’!!! not nuff!!!


Need more detail!

Been playing lots of Open Hexagon lately, and some Fistful of Frags. CDDA, obviously, but been spending some time writing about what happens. I’m having fun with it.


i’m redownloading SW-TOR, than new trailer looks damn amazing. Goodby another 15$ :slight_smile:
BTW, if anyone played it yet, some thoughts would be welcomed


Oh my god I opened Skyrim up after a solid month of playing fallout 3. The graphical increase just about tore my face off. Like, I been in the nuclear hot tub and decided to jump into the regular pool again.


FO4 is gonna be like launching myself into the vacuum of space. Beautiful, enhanced only by IMAX, and very, very bad for my body.

My friend The Mike and I have also discovered I am a surprisingly dextrous piece of bread on a quest to become toast. I did crazy kick-flips onto skateboards and shit today. I AM BREADMUND!