What are you currently playing ? (Mandatory topic)


Ugh I am now playing this too. Thanks jerk!

I’ve been quite happy with the Japanese aircraft and Russian tank lines.


I am love love loving on Pillars of Eternity. Weird ruleset, and my casters all seem like creampuff glass-pea-shooters, but the dialogue is freaking awesome and the characters are extremely well performed and written.
Somehow, it’s just really freaking interesting.


I’ve only read over the past few pages but I can agree with Cities:Skylines being pretty damn good. I also have been wanting to jump into Pillars of Eternity for some time now but not having the time to devote to it yet. I have went back and have been playing Tales of Maj’Eyal a lot in the past few weeks and can recommend it very much so especially with the prices it has been being sold at recently. I think Dark God could be selling this game at a bit higher price, but he has his own philosophy about that I think (and he puts loads of love into this game, so go out and buy this people!)


Ananias, Incursion and JADE.

The last one’s particularly amazing, though it has a funny deployment / install routine, and seeks an internet connection even though the setup process ended; my best guess is that there’s a shadowed auto-update feature. On the other hand, online play is great, just as it ever was.

Ananias is getting better with each day of its active development, and I’m just thrilled about Incursion updates.


I’ve been goofing off with more zombie games in an attempt to rekindle my desire to hop into Cataclysm again. Unturned is really super fun, especially if you’ve got a group of friends to work with and build a fort.

I also decided to take a look at Project Zomboid as it’s been a long time since I bought it, and it’s challenging but I’m getting somewhere with it. Speaking of which, Zomboid actually gave a shoutout to Cataclysm earlier this year - they introduced custom challenge scenarios to the game, and the first one they made for testing is called “A Really CD DA” - You start out having just taken a nasty fall out of your shower. You’re badly wounded, naked, blind drunk, and you’ve got a cold. And the house is on fire.

Say what you will about Project Zomboid, I’m just really delighted to see fellow zombie survival games giving Cata a shoutout.

Apart from all that, I recently picked up Duck Game. Duck Game is an experience, and it’s thoroughly enjoyable with friends. Everything happens so quickly, you have no time to be mad at losing because you’re too busy laughing about what just transpired in the latest round.


Was playing X-COM Enemy Within, then my squad got wiped on the first Council mission involving EXALT. So many Thin Mints man, prospects look grim for the squad of rookies I’m gonna have to field at the next crash site. I’m also screwing around in Planetside 2 again, a Medic’s job is never done no matter your faction affliation.


Still finishing the Mass Effect series, mostly because I’ve got one each paragon and now renegade playthrough to just CALL IT FUCKING DONE. 2’s done. Halfway finished with 3.

Once that’s over with, do I complete Amnesia: Dark Descent, or the third-party Half life remake, Black Mesa: Source?

Keeping in mind if S.T.A.L.K.E.R. goes on sale for over 70% off, I will be purchasing and completing that next, instead. I have a lot of old game ground to cover.


I already mentioned that I’ve been hooked on Unturned, so here’s a couple of goofy comics I did regarding that game, specifically some of the weapons you can make in crafting that are… far more effective than they probably should be (But that’s what makes them fun).

These comics feature my general-purpose 'sona Chaz Serir, and a friend’s character, Gansir Beeb.

The latter was drawn after FireAlpaca had an update that allowed comic panel borders to be a thing. Best update to any free art program ever.

(I’ve got a little Unturned playlist going on while I figure out Sony Movie Studio 13, FYI. \o/)

Apart from that, still pretty hooked on Duck Game. Wonderfully funny, also very addictive music and I want to throw money at the devs for a copy of the soundtrack.


Warframe, ever since some friends from work dragged me back into playing it. I forgot how much fun playing as a space ninja in pajamas could be.


can we get an Elephantbird Cannon in CDDA? Preferably the fully upgraded one that’ll level a city in seconds?

I’ve been playing Atom Zombie Smasher and i gotta say I find it hilarious that you can call a city “Saved” that’s around a hundred blocks of RUBBLE. YEAH.


There’s Angband 4. And I’m surely gonna fire up Braid, since I’ve been reading good-pointing thumbs articles on its account.


Depth is having a free weekend on Steam along with being 66% off. It’s ridiculously fun.


i’ve started Geneforge series. died like a noob after 1 hour of play. didn’t save :stuck_out_tongue:


Right now, the amazing Capitalism 2 mashed with some Little Fighter 2 and PES.
(Also, tried Gearhead Garage on a newer WinOS, won’t budge).


Dark Souls 2! Gotta die fast. Specially with that Persuer boss. Also some League Of Legends. Yet I don’t play as often lately.


Portal Stories: Mel.

I lied and started a new game without finishing ME3 first. I broke my rule. I have to break my rule for science. It’s science!


[quote=“Pthalocy, post:676, topic:6312”]Portal Stories: Mel.

I lied and started a new game without finishing ME3 first. I broke my rule. I have to break my rule for science. It’s science![/quote]

Don’t worry, if your experience is anything like mine one of three things will happen:

1: You’ll cave and look up the solution online, then face-palm at the realization of just how much you were over-thinking the puzzle.
2: You’ll cave and enable sv_cheats, then noclip around in a pathetic attempt to figure the puzzle out before just cheating and moving on.
3: You’ll quit.

Or, if your going for the full “Space snake experience” you’ll do them in that order, then go play something else until the power goes out.


I stay up until 3am and did indeed look up the solution, but only for 2 of the many puzzles I’ve completed so far. As it turns out, I was not overthinking things. I actually had the right idea but didn’t execute it properly, and thus led myself to believe that was not the intended solution and moved on to the next idea. I lacked finesse, not the solution.

The other one involved misunderstanding that propulsion gel accelerates you identically to falling. I thought it was somewhat less effective than a sheer drop. They are BOTH in fact, a 1:1 ratio of speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out.

Then I went to work and solved a puzzle involving four cases of potatos, a conveyor belt, a large crushing machine, and a very late holiday pay bonus.


not played mel yet… Ill have to look into it sometime. Love all the puzzles.


I would suggest replaying a few of the portal 1 and 2 levels, just to refresh yourself on all the tricks at your disposal for problem solving. Mel may not be Chell, but her story assumes you know everything you’ve learned as the latter. It does not introduce you gently to the puzzles.

The time limits that may or may not be in some of the levels may or may not be like the cake. Which also may or may not be.