What are you currently playing ? (Mandatory topic)


Thinking of playing FNAF 3?


Good god Odin, Minecraft’s that fine. :slight_smile:


Currently playing dwarf fortress.


Moria, Pixel Dungeon and, needless to say, 0.C CataDDA. :slight_smile:


Playing way too much City Skylines. Dang it’s not bad for a blatant SimCity clone.


Just finished “To the Moon”, I think its the first game ever that’s left me literally speechless. I cannot recommend it enough.


trying to get a “Gauntlet: Dark Legacy” emulator running, but having trouble with the save file :frowning:


Level 90-odd Green Archer, w00t. (By the time I got Tigeress, the Archer’s stats were about as good and she was far better geared/leveled.)


:frowning: you bastard. How did you get it to accept a gci save file? Im using dolphin but it refuses to acknowledge file existence unless its a .rar and then it claims the file size is wrong, even if I try to convert a save file. >( I’m giving that dam thing 0 stars. Every time I go to a forum/youtube about the problem I am either reviving dead thread by accident or shown around to simple problems fixable by looking at the dam gui for 2 minutes. >.< So nostalgic right now, and I am so close, but nothing :frowning:


Never played Dark Legacy, but I remember the original Gauntlet fondly. It had a really atmospheric tune on the attract screen, and was a lot of fun!

Played the crap out of Legends as well. One night two of my friends and I poured about a hundred bucks in quarters in that game and managed to beat it - full ending, collected all the stones, killed Skorne, got the special ‘you beat the game’ contest screen - using a wizard, an archer, and a valkyrie (me). We were super drunk, and the folks walking past us must’ve thought we were nuts, as we got so into it we were hollering weird stuff at each other and the screen.

Our scores stayed on the top of the high score screen (complete with little marks to indicate that we’d beaten it) for about a year before they got rid of the cabinet.

Good times.


I’m pretty sure that’s on steam. I’d play that with you too if we’re ever online at the same time.


meh I am looking to play the classic, not a remake though it does look fun. But the biggest problem is that it is for PC…and I am on mac :frowning:


Uh, I didn’t, this was on a gamecube. Sorry.

Rivet, DL is pretty much Legends with a little bit of tweaking and kinda glitchy in places thanks to gamecube. Nice job investing all the quarters–last I did that was ages ago on an X-men cabinet. And we got Not The Real Ending!d. :frowning:


Cities: Skylines is a great game, in case you were wondering.


A little update:

A good view of my entire city.

The districts I use are basically seperate subdivisions. I view them sort of as squabbling feudal lords, expanding their territory. Some are specialized territory; Chester Heights at the bottom of the map is a small farming community.


I’ve heard lots of good things about that game, but I think the subdivision concept just convinced me to buy it. Always hated how everything had to be somewhat mashed together in SimCity


trying to get back in SWTOR, but i remembered why i left - HUGE update times, even for the smallest patch. I’d like to play a game when i want to play that game, not wait for hours.


I just got into War Thunder and although the occasional rammers are annoying I have to say it goes toe to toe with IL-2 1946 online experience.

Also started playing Cities Skylines ( the SimCity that should have been) and I cant wait to get Pillars of Eternity, from the makers of BG2 but with custom ( and amazing ) ruleset.


If you want to get into tanks, the most hilarious way to play is to get the first three T-34’s (1940, 1941, 1942) and club seals all day every day.


Funny enough I found that on accident, I’m going with USSR tanks and German Planes.

I did find the t-34-57 is a bit of a meh because he faces M6, Tigers, JadgpanzersIV and (uh) Kv-2. I’m just halfway to get the T-34-85