What are you currently playing ? (Mandatory topic)


i’m in a gaming crisis again, so i thought maybe i can get some inspiration. List any game you’re playing through right now or else.
ME : Re-Volt, Elf-bowling, Bejeweled. Pathetic, ain’t it ?


I ordered Watch_Dogs (The store in town didn’t have it.), and I’m playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl.


I just finished Transistor, if you don’t mind bleakness, the game is really great. Especially the soundtrack. Paper Boats and In Circles are my two favourite tracks.

I AM playing Watchdogs, nothing fantastically new in it, 100% false advertising, there are no dogs to watch. The gameplay is pretty fun though, gunfights feel pretty cool.


i thought a bit about Watch Dogs, but i’m not a big fan of GTA-like games, so i’ll pass it. Gave a thought to Stalker Lost Alpha, but i’m kinda burned out on this genre too. Btw, i still have GTA IV Episodes from liberty city, have to try it yet.


Well if you want direct game suggestions, what genres are you into?


i’m not into platforming and action games, and clearly not RTS, but it’s my hope that i might stumble on something to eat my time. Played Project Zomboid last month, but it has only that much to offer, i wish it had a child with Cata DDA :).
Don’t worry, just list games, something might click :wink:




BALDURS GATE. PLANESCAPE TORMENT. Kerbal Space Program, Endless Space, Mark of the Ninja, Surgeon Simulator 2013, Super Hexagon, The Binding of Isaac (No really, this one’s good, top down shooter/roguelike), Natural Selection, Bastion, Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Borderlands the pre-sequel, Blade Symphony, Dragon Age, Crusader Kings.

BONUS ROUND: FUCK YOU RTS’ ARE GREAT: Supreme Commander Forged Alliance, Starcraft, Any of the arcade modes for Starcraft 2, Dota 2.


DDA, Arma cold war assault, oblivion, and space engineers.

Question: So what do you think of watch dogs? going to get it but I don’t have the money yet.


I kinda want Watch Underscore Dogs but I heard there’s a lot of issues on PC ):


Worst scores it got were 7/10 and 3/5, so all in all it at least promises some form of entertainment.


just realized we’re all playing that over-priced bug-ridden game called RL :smiley:
on ironman hardcore difficulty, 'cause we’re pros :smiley:


[quote=“Ferodaktyl, post:12, topic:6312”]just realized we’re all playing that over-priced bug-ridden game called RL :smiley:
on ironman hardcore difficulty, 'cause we’re pros :D[/quote]
Have you gotten past the final boss of High School yet?
I’ve got a walkthrough, but the guy doing it’s too good at doing the “STUDY!” stage.

I think he has a speed hack.


The graphics are amazing, but the storyline and gameplay are crap…
EDIT: before anyone takes it seriously I’m joking.


I think the dating system is broken.
I chose the “Funny” trait at Character Creation, but nobody thinks I’m funny.
Might have something to do with the “Considered Insane” Debuff I got in Primary…


Been playing Terraria, Kirby Triple Deluxe, and Dark Cloud. Also just found a handheld Super Nintendo at a random stuff store, might play through Robotrek or Secret of Evermore, wish I still had my EarthBound cartridge.


i updated KSP to current version. Updating mods now. I’m afraid until i finish i won’t feel like playing anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been playing Watch Doges for the last 2 days and all I can is… awesome. I really like it and I haven’t had any problems with it.


Binding of Isaac, OpenSpades, Doom II, Mechwarrior 4 mercs.

And 2P, Nidhogg and Superfighters.


Rapelay 2014 No pls.
Kerbal Space Program.