What are some similar games?


Particularly, i know elona seems to be surprisingly similar… so, what other games are similar in graphics/depth, with a focus on depth… edited again to add: by graphics, i speak of tiles, not ascii, lol. ive only played this cataclysm with the default chesthole tileset (which is now missing some notable tiles, which has broken immersion)


Unreal World, specially if you like the wilderness/survival part of CDDA.


Caves of Qud comes to mind, although it is most certainly very different.


Just wanted to throw out a thanks for mentioning Elona. I’d never seen or heard of it and now it’s at the top of my ‘learn to play’ list. I like the look of it and the ui seems good, which are the two things that usually determine if a rogue-esque game is for me.

Also, [insert obligatory joke about anime games that let you have little girls for pets].

EDIT: It occurs to me that might sound creepier than intended. o_o In Elona you get a pet and one of the choices is ‘little girl’, which is weird. So. Yeah.


It is a japanese roguelike. So yeah.


lol, elona is a great game… regardless the wierdness of the “little girl” starting pet.

There are a few cheesy / gimmicky ways of making the game much much easier, if you want a “safer” way to experience the non-combat aspects.

also: the game available at the main site is stable and playable, but also old… if you look anything up on the wiki, its likely you will see a mention of “elona plus” … if you want to take such a leap for the “newer” bit, instead look for “elona custom” which, as far as im aware, is mainly just an english translation of elona plus, lol

edit to add: i played elona long long ago, so my knowledge of it may be outdated. i go back every so often, and when cataclysm was recommended to me a couple months ago, it’s reminded me of elona quite a bit… and i really like both of these games, which is why i started this thread. im curious what other obscure gems there are that ive never heard of :slight_smile:

edit #2: as far as little girl pet goes, i think it “might” be a translation thing, or a game mechanic thing… as far as that option goes, replace pet with companion, or “party/squad member under my command”, etcetera. i dont know japanese, so i could be way off, but its a good excuse to me


It’s definitely a little girl. Also the best choice because of the extra equipment slots available to her.


yes, i didnt argue the option of little girl as the choice :stuck_out_tongue: i was saying the word “pet” might be a translation thing or a game mechanic thing, and can be considered, rather than pet, to be “companion” or “party/squad member under my command” lol.


Back in the day Rogue survivor was a thing, idk if it still gets updated tho, but someone took the project over.

Edit: Huh it’s still a thing and updated!


Oh, your forum name is a favorite hero or something then? Extra points if it is your character name from Elona. :wink:


Neither (Or, rather, it is indeed a character name from elona… as well as most other games, including cataclysm)

so, quite a long time ago, i got into a “fight” of sorts. one individual standing chest to chest with me, sliding back and forth, repeating similar phrases over and over again, generally including various vulgarities… indicative of that individual having an issue with me.

I leaned back, then threw a headbutt (headbutted?) and he stumbled back, then stared at me for a moment, then revealed his thoughts audibly: “You’re f**king psycho.”

“Psycho?” i asked for confirmation… him, being an illiterate idiot, replied with: “Yeah, S-A-I-K-O psycho.” and then he hurried off

Of course, it being a “schoolyard” style of fight, there was a crowd who saw and heard… and the name stuck. henceforth, by those fairly close to me, i was called psycho, but with an emphasis on psy as pronounced in sai (the dagger thing) … it grew on me, and became my handle/title/name in any forum or videogame thereafter.

I am aware there is a similarly named “seiko” that is a watch company, but am otherwise unaware if it has some other meaning :stuck_out_tongue:


Saiko is fairly common given name for the girls in Japan.

Though the way you got your nickname is far more interesting than just using either your name or the name of some random hero.

It was interesting read.


S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Last Day mod - Mod DB

Free and if you grab these from the addons section it will provide a more stable game and look nice too.


-bug fixing and gameplay

There is also a mod for going prone which is the only way I would play this game. But you have to open the Actor LTX file in the game and compare the “box” information close to the top of the file in the mod and change the stance manually. Else you bork the game. Its like 30, 75 30 or something. Anyway, enjoy!


i didnt know about it being an actual name, so thanks for alerting me, lol

And to the suggestion of a stalker mod? … i’ve played stalker (and misery, and CoC, and CoM) a ton. like, a ton a ton, and i dont think they fit in hardly any aspect as a “similar game”, or at least not in the scope i intended… however, this “last day” is not something i was aware of, so i am very grateful for the suggestion anyways :slight_smile:


Wayward is pretty similar. Closer to Unreal world though.


My list of games that require as much thought and research as cdda: Aurora 4x, factorio, rimworld, dwarf fortress, caves of the quad and Tome. All are similar in learning curve and thousands of hours of procedural FUN while different in themed


I’m a Mac user (due to work restraints) but I have seriously thought about getting a cheap Windows machine just to run Aurora 4x on.


Ever play tabletop Starfire?


I use bootcamp on a separate SSD in my old Mac Pro when I need Windows (only for GTA V at the moment, every other game I play has a Mac version).

OT: The game reminds me of Don’t Starve and Oxygen Not Included.


Bootcamp and Wine don’t run Aurora without crashing.