This is one way to escape a Lab


Apparently, this lab is connected to an unused subway tunnel. Which is great for me, cause the lab only had 1 floor and I couldn’t find a Soldering Iron anywhere. Well, OFF TO FREEDOM! I wonder what the outside world is like! The guy with me keeps muttering about some kind of “Cataclysm” or some such but I’m sure that’s just the infection getting to him.


My new favorite way to break INTO labs is chopping down a tree with a stone axe, and making it fall through the wall. Usually nets enough rocks for charcoal kiln + smoking rack, and if the lab has a mechanical pump in it you even get a water well. You can even use the turret as a dim light source without getting shot (or make it run out of bullets by moving zombie corpses/wildlife around).


I do a similar thing, except I detonate a sonic explosion with my Sonic Resonator. :smile:


In my lab starts, I usually either find a teleporter, or go down to the vault to pick up the guaranteed-to-spawn science ID card. Getting past the turret can be a problem in the latter method, but you often find something in the vault or one of the armouries that helps out with that.


I usually just blow open the door with explosives. To each and their own.