The Ten Survivor's (Imagur Series)


I already made a Reddit Post about my Ten Survivor series, but reddit has a bad habit of burying ongoing discussions, so I’m moving the series here, in the CDDA Library.

This is my first time making a series of this link, so any discussion or advice would be appreciated.

There are Ten Survivor’s, all in the same world, who started in the same shelter. They are each completely random survivor’s, with random backgrounds. Due to the chaos of the Cataclysm, the survivor’s can’t help eachother fight zombies directly, but they live on the same map so they can trade items with eachother.

The Ten Survivor’s are - or were - were as follows:

  1. Tony “ManDragon” Mondragon, The Boxer (RIP: 5th of Spring, stumbled into a horde at night)

  2. Michele “BurgerBandit” Berger, The Bandit

  3. Michale “Imam” Unger, The Imam (RIP: 2nd of Spring, caught by a smoker and a bloater)

  4. Maximo “Maximo” Pollard, The Pizza Boy

  5. Mora “Grandma” Schwartz, The Senior Citizen (RIP: 1st of Spring, eaten by wolves)

  6. Lindsay “ChunFencer” Chun, The Pizza Delivery Boy

  7. Julio “HongHaul” Jong, The Used Car Salesman

  8. Jef “MajorNinja” Major, The Drone Operator

  9. John “Linen” Lynn, The Priest

  10. Chris “CyberCop” Beye, The Bionic Police Officer (RIP: 2nd of Spring, at a National Guard Camp)


Day 1

Day 2 (Part 1)

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day’s 7-9

Days 9-14


Reserved …


Day 5, Part 1:

They were probably drawn up there by the sound of the shotgun from earlier. Shotguns are LOUD and will draw hordes from pretty far away, but it takes a while for them to wander over.


That still wouldn’t explain it. The shotgun Maximo shot on day 4 was close to the road between the shelter and the town. Mondragon wondered into the horde just south of the mall. It was at least two hordes worth of zombies, too.

Most likely, it took so long for Mondragon to kill the first batch of 4-8 shady zombies that the noise of fist fighting was enough to draw some locals over. It takes a really long time to kill stuff while surrounded.


Updated. Things are going well, the only piece of infrastructure missing is a chemistry set and an electric forge, but that can be fixed with a little more reading. The vehicle is almost street worthy.

Something happened to Berger, but we won’t find out what until the remaining survivors send a (heavily armed) search party to his last known location.