Tapes of the Cataclysm


Tape 1#


The sound of a babbling brook. Footsteps heavy and rattling resounding throughout. Heavy breathing the smacking of lips. Shifting for a moment before a voice.

A woman’s…a girl’s. Young maybe 16 or 17 at most with a deep tone. A Pacific accent common on the northwest coast of the united states of America ringing out. Softened and tired and hesitant.

“You know it was a rather cold day outside when it happened? Snowing and everything in fact and perhaps I had a bit of a grin on my face at the time. I had heard the rumors of course occasionally seen a paper or two.”

The sound of cracking a faint gulp. A bottle being unsealed and a voice coming back in a lower intonation. The sound of rustling and an intake of breath before they continued.

“But we all know about such rumor mills. Gossip and dumb things like that. It was what I assumed it was. The media all riled up over nothing or flat out making something up.”

A venom entering their tone. A crushing of underbrush and a thwack of something being cut. A clear gritting of teeth and yet still they seem to speak.

Perhaps to torture themselves.

“As such?”

Growing lower and lower. More pained more anger filling their tone. Mad at themselves furious at their own ineptitude perhaps? How worthless their life truly was?

Was she thinking this?

How much blame resided in that tone?

“When it did hit?”

That tone?

That was the tone of someone who wanted to scream this out loud. Who wanted to hurt someone or something. Who was on the verge of tears.

“When it hit my family?”

A sob held back and then…


End of tape 1#

Trembling hands. A scowl marked on the woman’s face. Blue eyes. Angular face and flat chested. Tears streaming wanting to crush the tape staring at the night sky. Wandering to the cabin they could see unlocked and opened.

Blond hair ragged and long. Clothes ragged and splattered. White shirt looking terrible. Leather hunting jacket scratched and burned. Jeans torn at the knee and covered in blood. Hunting boots steel toed on their feet.

Lacking socks. An empty hunting rifle on her back and a sheathed kitchen knife on her hip. Stumbling into the cabin shutting it behind her. Collapsing on a ruined bed.

Uncaring of any dangers that might come or might lurk in the shadows.


She just wanted to sleep and forget.


–Number one: the link to the noise of a tape recorder amused me.
–Number two: I didn’t really understand this at all…


Tape 2#


Silence for a few moments. No voice and no words. A sliding sound. Harsh wind billowing loudly.

Before a small grunt. A flicker of a click from a tongue. Tired harder and rougher than last night. Dry in need of a drink.

“…I did not sleep well. Woke up…throat dry and freezing. Going…going to check out the rest of the cabin.”

Hesistance. Debating perhaps their own words like a lost lamb? The smooth gliding of metal resounding throughout. A slight echo filling the room.

Steps resounding a thumping of sorts. A rattling and a grumble. A crack and the sound of rattling as something hits the floor. A creaking sound resounding throughout.

Cracking and creaking and shifting sounds emanating clearly enough. A pleased sound of a sort emanating forth. The shaking of something and a pop.

The sound of running water and slurping and gulping. A sigh tone drenched and clear. For the next few hours?

Sounds repeat. The rattling and thumping. The breaking down of doors and their locks perhaps?

A creaking and a thump.

Thicker and heavier.

A splintering…a growl.


End of tape 2



  1. What are ye confused about? Meant to have some ambiguity.


I simply don’t quite understand what is going on, at least not for the most part. I think I get some of the story, but how the story is described just confuses me a lot.


The story, for the most part, is being told through audio. Aka like if you were listening to a tape. Some inferences in narration are made to help make assumptions or further make things seem a bit clearer if it might be hard to describe.

It’s why all dialogue happens in tapes. It’s why most audio is described in the tapes section. Narration after the tapes is acceptable and something I will do occasionally as well. But essentially you’re supposed to have a limited idea of what is going on exactly.

Because all you have to go on is the tapes that the story is conveyed through.