Salvaged Robots Remake!

What it is:
This is mod compilation of every mod I made so far related to the remake of the mods Modular Turrets and Salvaged Robots and others mods to drive CDDA towards a more sci fi experience.

Quick summary of every mod:


Modular Turrets Remake: A updated version of the original Modular Turrets. Adding 4 turrets variations of the original CROWS turrets.

Civilian Salvaged Robots: A mod based on the civilian robots from the mod Salvaged Robots. Adds 4 civilian robots and roombas. And modified version of said robots for melee combat.

Automations: An addon in alpha stage for the Civilian Salvaged Robots, adds mundane utilities to automate simple but time consuming tasks.

No Rural: A mod that blacklist the most common farm sites of the region generation.

DEV_TOOLS: Not a mod but general information about my mods and a template mod to add news automations.


Would this work on the android 0.E version?