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Ok. Now I actually need help again. I would think there would be a thousand ways to do it, but for some reason I can’t seem to get it.

I want to install windows on a fresh HD, but I can’t seem to find a program that will take a windows .iso on an Ubuntu system and install it on an HD.And my UEFI doesn’t seem to want to boot off the iso I put on the flash drive with UnetBootin.

Rufus: Doesn’t work on wine
UnetBootin: can’t be configured to recognize HD’s outside of wine.
Etcher Linux 64X: "Special needs to make a windows iso, please use a program like Rufus"
Etcher Windows 64X: “Requires windows 7 or newer” I also think it requires x32 bit to be wine compatible, so double strike with wine.
YUMI: when ‘show all drives’ is selected, it only shows another drive, if I continue and try to run the iso onto it it gives me a warning about making sure its a USB. If I ignore it and continue on it gives me an error about ‘partition is NTFS, needs to be FAT32 or NTFS file-system’


I should get a job as a bug tester. Or just start using things like normal people do…


I’m pretty sure you can pass a raw drive to KVM/Qemu, which would let you install an OS from an ISO. I don’t know if Windows would have a cow about your hardware being different after install, though.
The simplest solution would be to just burn that ISO to a disc.


Yea. I havn’t had any luck with VMs before. Burning a disk seems excessive, but BIOS stuff is never simple -_-


Well the DVD burn worked beutifully :smiley:

But windows won’t recognize my peripherals, so I can’t get past the select language install screen. Looking into the problem now. May need to pull out the antique keyboard.


Stupid Windows! Be more compatible!



XD XD yeah. Ordered a 1$ adaptor so I can install with mouse and $11 keyboard I’ve been looking for. Total price $20 including shipping.

Then once windows is installed I can update drivers and such and never need it again. - :confused: so theres that.

Who designs an install program that requires a mouse? Why is it so hard to design it to be either mouse OR keyboard compatible… or like Morse code to the motherboard if need-be. ALL the inputs should be viable…


Does Windows really require a mouse? I was pretty sure you could get through it just with a combination of TAB+arrow keys+enter.


No there was no way for me to select the… think the 3rd page next. no amount of tabs, n, Shift+n, or arrow keys would get me their… although now you have me doubting myself. Ima go check arrowkeys again.


Well I’ve not seen that before.

It was the accept terms and conditions that had me stuck. Instead of a tab over >enter; or a Y; it wanted a tab over and a for accept. I’ve never had to do something like that without a mouse but that strikes me as an odd way to do it.

Anyways, now I’m all logged in but it doesn’t want to connect to any peripherals except for the ancient PS2. Not even the wifi reciver that its plugged into the motherboard or the cable I used to connect it directly to the phone jack. Though I only had LAN and I think phone lines available it was originally wired DSL so one of those might should have been acceptable. It wasn’t so I’m going to have to download drivers manually on Ubuntu and copy them over tomorrow.


This one is more code based but Im helping someone with a workflow project to help make some data searches better. The system logs being searched are government and thus archaically out of date but the available data I am building sampling searches on is a .txt file 43466 lines long.

I need for the user to be able to search for a term and copy all sections that contain that term.
The ability to do a second search on the copy/pasted sections would be a plus.

It seems like there has to be a program already available that can do this, but I can’t find one.

the only separators are long lines of dashes

Here is tha Javascript code I’ve thrown together for now guidlining what I’m trying to do.

dashes = "-------------------------------------";
document.length = last;
searchFor = prompt("Please type the (case sensitive) text you are looking for", "LRM");
Start = prompt("What line will you start the search from", 1);
finish = prompt("And what line would you like to finish the search on?", last);

for (start, finish) {
    X = X++
    sTerm = document.indexOf (searchFor)
    sStart = document.lastIndexOf (dashes, sTerm)
    sEnd = document.indexOf (dashes, sTerm)
        copy & paste sStart through sEnd in 2nd document

As you can probably tell, I’ve not messed with code much, and its been a while since I did anything approaching playing with code “regualarly”

I think if this code was executable it would still only run till it found the first match right?