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The easiest place to find it is about:plugins.

OH. if thats not useful its got to at least be in the right directory branch

how did I not see that before, or was that becasue of plugin.expose?

But yeah, pluginreg.dat will work too. I forget that file is human readable, we could have skipped the plugin setting…

There we go, it’s in /usr/lib/adobe-flashplugin. It looks like you’re using a copy from your distro’s package manager, and it looks up to date. Run a

and let’s see if there’s any “not found” entries in there. There shouldn’t be, but then again it shouldn’t be crashing when you right click it either.


nope. Just a list of directories. No ‘not founds’


Well, damn. There goes an easy fix out the window.

When it crashes, what does it do? Does firefox go down, or just the flash plugin? Does it spit out anything if you’re running on the command line?

We might have to uninstall the distro’s versions, as Mint is known for cobbling together Debian and Ubuntu packages into a mostly-working mix, and instead install FF+Flash straight from the websites. If Mint is using a patched firefox then it might be causing problems, though it could also be something to do with a system library that firefox or flash is using.


hmm. Not left cmd open while flashing. Just the plugin crashes, giving me a message that flash has crashed with a little frowny face on a lego :frowning:

No messages in cmd

Sounds like Ubuntu is the better build?


Yeah, Ubuntu has better packaging and security protocol in place, though some of their choices aren’t to my taste. Still, it’s probably a more reliable distro than Mint. (I use Debian myself, since I’m big on reliability, and don’t care if my packages are a year or two out of date as long as they work, but Debian’s a bit more involved to set up than something like Ubuntu.)


Well I’ll Try it on the SSD now that I have it setup then. Someone told me that mint was a good place to start learning linux. I have been relatively happy with it so far. And I now have a Linux baseline to compare others too. I assume all the files should transfer wihout problem between the two long as I keep out of main filesystems? Alot of my troubleshooting has been through finding the solution on a ubuntu thread.


Yep, transfer your home folder, and as long as you install the same desktop and programs, you’ll have a virtually identical setup, just with a different distro under the hood.
If you’ve got /home set up on a partition then you can just point the new install to that and it’ll use it with no copying needed.


Oh cool. Good thing I kept everything in home and its branches instead of doing something weird.


Well I installed Ubuntu on the SSD, but the system doesn’t seem to recognize it as a boot. I used the same install to overwrite the Linux on my mac air when some kind of bad steam cloud files were keeping the game broken? And it works fine. Odd system but it works well. How do I get the UEFI to recognize the boot files on the other HD?


Huh. BIOS issues can be tricky. It’s not showing up in the list of boot devices?

Maybe see if you can switch from UEFI to legacy boot mode, that might get it to work.

It might also be a BIOS issue, and you might have to upgrade it, which is not something I’d recommend for novices. I’d save that for last resort. (One time I tried to flash a motherboard’s BIOS only to discover the root of the issues I was having was that the chip was failing, and it consequently left me with about 10% of the BIOS unflashed after several attempts, and the board essentially bricked.)


Its an ASRock 350 pro 4.
It was intended for use with windows. Updateing without might be problematic.

From the looks of it it doesn’t recognize it BECAUSE its on a differnt HD.
OH, wait… I remember something about boot drives hould be on certain ports…
Nope. Its only for best boot time and as already attached to one of the recommended ports. Darn Thought it was simple solution for a sec.

If it is its showing up as something unusual that I don’t recognize.
Option 1 is Ubuntu but its actually Mint that I have been running. Same differance from a boot perspective I guess. Nothing else simmilar


Well, okay. If I think of anything else that might help I’ll post, but short of being able to sit down in front of it and figure out what it’s doing, I’ve got nothing at this point.


Oh oops Thought I already posted edit. I’m just stupid it was listed as the hard drive at the end of the list. I think I was tired the last time I went over it and went cross eyed or just stopped caring enough to look at the screen anymore or something. I’m good Thanks for all the help.


That’s great that the boot thing turned out to be a simple fix. Happy to help!


XD so many reads but nobody said anything but you. Thanks again.


Hmm. Is there a way to keep other programs (like steam) from overriding some keyboard shortcuts (like alt tab) ?
(in Ubuntu)


Huh. I dunno, I’ve always just changed the key settings when that sort of thing came up.


I know you can change the Steam overlay shortcut key through Steam, as I use Shift+Insert myself, but not sure if that helps ya ¯_(ツ)_/¯ .


yeah for some reason steam is overriding my other keyboard shortcuts. Had to turn of the computer because I couldn’t get out, until I found the shift-tab steam overlay that would give me the mouse back. Need to delete the local files now. Changed a vid setting wrong and now the screen complains about bad imput if i play pychonaughts, forcing me to do the same thing.


OH… O.o

Just found nautilus-actions-configuration tool

I… I think I need new pants. This… This is everything I ever wanted to be able to do with a computers GUI Is the begining of being able to create everything I ever wanted to be able to do with a computers GUI

I am too excited by this discovery to learn how to use it properly.
Hmm I need to make a list of all the things I want to be able to make with this

and to think it all started with a search for how to get/use Ubuntu emblems on icons.

Please notify me if I fall in too deep.

Edit: …and I have no idea what Im doing.