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A brief radio crackle is heard and a voice that sounds like a chorus is heard

We are the children of the new world we offer you the chance at enlightenment… All we ask for is metal.

a loud pouf sound is heard and a snapping sound almost like a whip
the radio broadcast clicks off with another pouf and a deep war cry of what sounds like 10 people


A distant signal coming from a heavily forested region

…this is Major Aria Sarason. In case any of my commanders are still alive, my mission has failed and I have gone to ground. Feel free to contact me to discuss new orders.

I’ve taken over an abandoned backwoods residence. Some of the residents survived in the basement, and along with some campers we are establishing a refugee camp. Our primary priority is a source of food.

We’re keeping alive out here as best we can. If anyone out there can offer support, we’d certainly appreciate it. Our expectation is to have a sustainable base within another month.


A voice with a fake german accent can be heard from the radio.

"Here is professor Duval, looking for an emergency evac. I am currently located in the local church of a small sh… town.

I currently possess valuable information on a possible cure, so please send assistance."


a brief crackle can be heard as the broadcast starts. Throughout the broadcast it sounds like a chorus is speaking in perfect unison.

We may be able to save you. Both from yourself and the Zombies. We require a more precise location than a church in a small town. But you must join the colony. Else wise you will surely die from the shock of rejection.

((OOC: neat thing about the fungus is that the Fungal Zombies will try to attack you and other fungaliods if there are no hostile enemies nearby. All they do to you though is follow you.))


The Major’s signal comes up again.

I don’t suppose you’ve got any other landmarks, Professor? If you’re anywhere near my operating area, I may be able to extract you.

And uh… I don’t know how good you are at English inflection, Professor, but those colony types on the other frequency… well, they just don’t sound right.

In case you are able to make it my way, and this goes for anyone else too, the northeastern approach cross country is infested with acidic ants. You heard me right; giant ants that spit huge amounts of acid. I’m working on a way to exterminate them, but until further notice it is preferable to approach from other directions. If approaching from that general direction, follow the road until you reach the gas station, and then proceed due west.


A crackle is heard as the broadcast begins. Unlike the other ones this one has only a couple voices in chorus maybe 3 at most.

We find this information on the infested ants interesting. A question occurs to us. How much acid do they spray? We have never seen these “acid ants”. We are mostly immune to most hazards and these ants might prove useful if corrected. And to answer you name for us we are not the colony. At this point the two other voices become a lot louder We are the Mycus. We are the cure and the plague. the other two voices quite down a bit That last name your sceenctiists who still lived called us that.


Another channel crackles to life. It sounds quite noisy on the other side.

“Ah! Finally got this damn thing working. I am the Engineer. Anyone in the Pennsylvania area? We have goods to trade.”


The public radio frequency crackles to life once more, With the voice of young adult with a heavy British accent, The quite hum of an engine can be heard in the background.
The broadcast has little-to-no static and is quite clear
“Ergh, Hello this is Delta Zero Four Charl- Aw to hell with this, This is Lance Corporal John Taylor Of the British army,Please Is anyone out there?, Im headed for the Lab South East from” Static…
It then ends…


A crackle is heard over the line, and a voice is heard.

“Ah Fuck man, you fucking need help, why that?”

the man sounded To be from boston, or a least, from that area.