Radio Chat RP topic


In comes a nearly static-free signal that strangely is was on the same frequency as the cockney guy, though the quiet voice is of a young female.



A voice of a young, 14-17, girl speaks through the radio.

Hello? Is anyone out there? Please, if anyone has seen my family. I need help…


After a short pause, someone’s voice replies over the radio.

“Who is this?”

The voice sounds hopeful and excited.

“I might be able to help you. Just give me your name, please.”


The same frequency as before comes through but its is another woman.
“Hey man, what the hell is your problem!?”


My problem? Do you want to know My problem?”

The voice sounds very irritated at whoever replied. They must have noticed the fact that the voice was different.

“Fine. I’ll tell you my problem, on one condition.”

There is a short pause in the broadcast. You can hear… Something in the background. Almost human, but not quite. It’s to faint to make out what it is completely.

“Oh crap.”

The voice is suddenly a lot more quiet, and you can tell they’re terrified. In the background, you can hear a dull thud. And another. And one more. Someone’s trying to break down the door.


My name is Jane who’s out there?


There was a commotion between the more loud, angry woman and the soft spoken woman.
“C’mon Kat, we both know that guy is a creep!”
"I’m sure he didnt mean it…"
To hell with that! I’m not-
Whispering “Quiet! You might wake him up!”


((lost my other character))
An excited male voice speaks through the radio.
Hello? Is it true? Are there more survivors in the west? Hello?..


“Would you two shut up?”

The man sounds very, very irritated.

“You don’t know my problem. You don’t know me.

The thudding noise in the background is getting louder. Someone’s trying to break down the door.


The voice is… strange. Garbled and distorted, barely understandable. It’s… unnatural.

“I know you’re in there, Parker.”


Hello? Who was that? Who’s Parker? What’s going on there? Are there other survivors?


kshhht …

a dialtone rendition “Mary Had a Little Lamb” is keyed at half tempo

kshhhh- click


The arguing stopped.

“What the hell is that?”


I’m really getting freaked out. Who’s there!


You hear the sound of a shotgun being reloaded in the background.

“Get the hell out of here, James! I want nothing to do with you or your… things!”

The man again. He’s yelling at whoever is out there.

“Really? Well, I seem to remember the idea being yours to begin with.”\

The other voice says this sarcastically, mocking the man inside. You hear more banging on the door. This man is intent on getting in.

“I said get the he-”

You hear a loud crash, and splinters of wood falling everywhere. The door’s been broken down.

“Look at me! Look what you’ve done!”

“I never did anything, it was you who insi-”

“YOU did this! This is YOUR fault!”

“Get out of here, James, before I put a slug in your head.”

“I’m going to make you pay for what you did to me!”

You hear heavy, thudding footsteps charging someone, and then a loud crash as something hit’s the radio operator’s table. The operator yells in pain.

“Who’s idea was it to move on to human testing before we had even finished, James? Tell me!”

You hear the report of a shotgun being fired, and a horrid, ear shattering, in-human cry.

“I’m going to kill you!”


“You’re not alone, fella.”

there’s some static, but otherwise, the audio is high quality

“word of advice, wherever you are, just lock everything down. i just saw a horde of … whatever those things are, and it’s fucking huge”

you hear some screaming and gun-fire, and then one big boom that seems to have come out from some sort of cannon

"right. shit. these things can apparently destroy armor on tanks. gotta go, good luck out there.

you hear some rifle-shots, some screaming and more cannon-fire, and then the radio goes quiet


The signal goes silent.

Kat, activate barricades, we need to roll out now!"
"Oh! On it!"
There is a whirring of electric motors and a few clangs of metal on metal. The a large roar on multiple engines.
"Thanks for info, we’re outta here!"
With that, the channel goes silent.


Static, varying in volume.

“Uh, hello? It’s me, Dr. Howell. You know, that British scientist bloke? Anyway, I’ve been traveling. In the Southwest now. Still plenty of zombies. Not as bad as over in New Hampshire or the rest of New England. How is everyone?”


there is some static to be heard, but otherwise, the audio is fine

“well, if we ignore the fact that some buffed up zombie on steroids just trashed my tank like it was nothing, broke my leg, AND took a whole magazine of M4A1 ammo and a rocket to take down, i’m doing greaaaat”

you hear a loud sigh

You didn’t tell me you had friends !, aren’t you going to introduce me to them ? maybe there’s even a nice girl out there for you to …

“Goddamn it mom, i told you tha…”

The radio turns quiet


Another signal kicks in, same one as the guy with the weird accent. This time a female voice.
“If anyone is nearby, me and my friends have set up shop in Deluth, Minnesota. We have many wares that are hard to come by like caseless ammo and 40mm grenades. Is will to trade for work or information.”


{am I late to the party?}