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Small bit of static.

“I 'ave no clue what da geezer in saying. On da uvver 'and, what type ov tea dot yew prefer, (pause) Noire, was it?”


[quote=“A Blitzkried of Butts, post:97, topic:12854”]The roar continues.

“I am a man wiv ter much time on 'is 'ands! I’ve built a 20+ tonne machine wiv enuff supplies stawerd ter create a large army!”[/quote] Static.
“Goodness! Well, you seem well-supplied!”

[quote=“Kadian, post:98, topic:12854”]Slight static, as well as the sound of someone eating something…crunchy? Then, a familiar voice chimes in.

Heya! Is it just me or do we have a lot of english gentleman here? Apparently you have to be english to survive the apocalypse for longer, huh.

Noire clears their throat and chuckles.

Maybe it’s the Tea that helps with the survival. Who knows. Mine should be done in…a few minutes too, at least I hope so. Found, by pure accident, some wild herbs which can make a decent tea, if I can trust one of my books. So, you seem to be quite well, yes, Howell? I hope the Tea I gave you is to your liking.

More crunchy eating, then a sigh and a mumbled “I should bake more often…” before Noire returns to the Ham Radio.

So, 20 tons you say? Sounds like you took over a Truck. Probably reinforced it too, I’d wager? Yes, probably, some of those…things are quite capable of cutting through thin metal. Or punching through it. Well, let’s say you’re not the only one with a vehicle of that sorts. Back then, when I met up with Howell, my vehicle probably weighed in about 15 to 20 tons as well. Nowadays…Probably more like 40 tons. Good thing it’s on Tank treads, I don’t think there would be enough wheels to move this monster of a vehicle. Even found some Paint and Spray Cans, so now it’s a stylish black. Even named it, it’s called Andraste. I also considered naming it Wōđanaz, Þunraz or Teiwaz.[/quote] Slight static. “Oh, hello, Noire! Been a while since we talked, it seems! About the tea, it’s not half bad, actually. This signal seems to be swarming, so far! Hahaha!”

[quote=“Treah, post:99, topic:12854”]Lots of static is heard along with what sounds like metal banging on wood, a monotone older male voice then speaks

“eight, twenty one , thirteen, one, fourteen”

slight pause with static

“thirteen, five, one, twenty”

more static and the voice becomes a bit faint to hear

"eight, five , eighteen, five…

more static with what sounds like some scratching is heard, a older male voice speaks
"end"[/quote] A bit more static than usual.
“What the bloody hell?”


“I fnk its one ov those so called ‘Number stashuns’. They are used ter transmi’ messages what are nearly impossible ter decrypt.”


Just that i basically decrypted that thing in a matter of minutes. I would just need the last few numbers, so we could make sense of it all. oh, uhm, to your question: In the past I loved a good ol’ cup of Earl Grey, or in general black teas. Nowadays I take basically everything if it tastes good enough. You know, Cataclysm and all. By the way, this herbal tea I’m brewing? Not that bad actually. Had to put in quite a bit of sugar though. I wonder how long it will stay fresh though.


A newer, more festive crackle joins the frequency.

It plays cheerful, stock music. Bells ring and a choir sings.

It goes silent, as if the DJ is about to speak.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! an automated message. It repeats, twice.

On the third, screams erupt from the distance. The studio seems to be filled with voices. Snarling, hungry voices.
It cuts back to scheduled music. Somewhere, a DJ is rolling over in his grave, or perhaps in a rotting coffin of undead flesh at the thought of a poorly executed radio transition.

Somewhere, sometime before shit hit the fan, Marvin Gaye sung about wanting to come home for Christmas and seeing that little Christmas tree again. That song is playing on the frequency right now.


"The 'ell was that demonic crap!? "


Slight amounts of static.

“What was that?! First, Christmas, then shit hits the fan!”


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(Not sure if anyone is still interested in this. Thread’s not that old so I figured I’d give it a shot; might breath some small amount of life into it if nothing else!)

The radio crackles to life. After a few moments of relative silence, a soft, somewhat soothing voice begins to speak. It sounds quite feminine.

“Hello. Over the past few weeks I’ve been attempting to get this radio station in working order. I’m, uh… I’m not really certain how this works, but this message should be amplified significantly if I did things right. Right, then. I’ve obtained a significant supply of medicine from a nearby hospital. I am trained in and have experience administering first aid. If you are in need of supplies or assistance-- Or just want to make idle chatter, contact me on this frequency. I carry a two-way radio on my person at all times. Call me AURORA. This message will repeat." Hopefully…



“AURORA, eh? Glad to meet ya. This is a hard time we’re in.
Currently driving my way throughout this crazy place. Zombies everywhere.”


"aye there Aurora, i’m currently set up in a public works spot, got enough perishables and non perishables to last me at least a month, and i’m good on drinks thanks to my two funnels, i’m even working on a fire engine trying to pimp it out using parts i’ve found nearby, Oussama out


The background was silent except for a bit of static.

“'Allo AURORA, names Alex. It’s ni-”

Before he could finish, the sound of a rifle can be heard followed by inhuman gurgaling also followed by a scream. The transmission cuts off after a few laser bolts are heard.


The radio crackles to life once again. The sound quality has deteriorated significantly since the original transmission; it’s likely that “Aurora” has transitioned from the professional radio station to a more portable means of communication.

“Glad to meet you as well. Be safe.”

She paused, listening to Oussama’s message.

“I see. Good luck with that. Some of the public works I’ve passed by have been really defensible. Sounds like a good location to be. I’m at some old mansion just out of a town right now. It’s got a few greenhouses which I am utilizing to grow edibles. Right now my priority is to set up some solar panels just outside and wall them in w-”

The transmission cuts out briefly. A distinct slashing sound can be heard, along with the gruesome, if distorted sound of flesh being ripped apart. The transmission quickly cuts back.

“Sorry about that. There’s still a few stragglers out here. Regardless, I hope that work on the fire truck goes well. I’ve been tinkering with a vehicle as well, but I’m running out of suitable adhesive. I’ve got a welder that’d work, but right now power isn’t exactly something I can use in such a… lavish manner. That’s why I need to set up that little installation. Oh, by the way, I’ve picked up a few books on mechanics. It was never really my forte but I’m coming to understand it. Let me know if I can help with that project. Or any first aid, for that matter. I can walk you through some of that stuff, assuming you’re, uhm, not-dying enough to talk.”

She stops for a while, listening to Alex’s transmission. She begins once more.



y so quiet ;-;


(No idea.)


(Some static can be heard)

“Well ,this city is …special… 8 radio stations and I haven’t even reach the other end of it.
Got 4 of them in close proximity but the rest are full with zeds.In fact I can see a horde …a preaty big one ,I might need to move…”

(The transmision ends with no “goodbye”.)


"Sh*t, been a while since I managed to get a signal up, my plane got shot down somewhere near the Canadian-american border. I guess It’s own foot from here on out. As far as I can tell Canada isn’t much better than america, there are still zombies. But there are more survivors. I think the low population density, and freezing cold helped lower zombie population. Unfortunately contrary to stereotypes, not all Canadians are nice. At least there are plenty of hunting rifles here. And moose. You never realizing how terrifying these are until you are in the Canada. "



"For what i know this zone you crashed is in quarantine…so don’t get your hopes of leaving up…you can try !BUT i can never seem to find the edge…the zone is to big for me and my car.

I sugest geting a car and living…till someone comes to clear the zone…if there is someone left.

But hey look at the bright side no police …well only robot police , quick tip: don’t let the eyebot take your foto!!!

Have a nice day i hope you didn’t die allready.I might be looking to trade with you if you are close."



“Some bloke near Canada. If you head north, you mind telling us if there are any cities still… functional?”


This transmission is quite clear, and almost completely devoid of static. Clearly, whoever’s broadcasting this knows what they’re doing.

“Hello everyone. My name is… Well, I can’t really tell you my name. Not that it matters, really.”

The voice is that of a man, and sounds tired and weary. A faint echo can be heard in the background.

“I… don’t know how long I’ve been down here. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen or heard someone else… A long time…”

“I’ve managed to get a transmitter up and running with some of the equipment down here. Tons of supplies, even more tools. So much stuff… No one to share it with…”

The voice trails off into silence before muttering some unintelligible things. Despite the quality of the transmission, it’s impossible to tell what he’s saying.

“I… I still have the book. I’m afraid. I’m afraid to read it. But I must.”

There is a pause for a moment, and in the silence the sound of running water can be heard in the background.

“Is… Is anyone listening? Am I… Am I truly alone down here?”