Radio Chat RP topic


The gruff, possibly British voice of Dr. Howell is heard again.

“Is anybody even picking this signal up?! I’ve found more serums. They look like that goo in the zombies’ eyes! If anybody’s willing to drive or walk or something to New Hampshire, that’d be bloody swell! I’ll sell this crap!”


This broadcast is crystal clear. The voice is an accentless monotone.

"Hello. Is this damn thing on? If any survivor is hearing this, let me introduce myself. The name’s Dr Robert Howell. I’ve managed to take back the lab I’m working at. All the way in…[static].

It may be a mechanism for attracting prey.

Didn’t you listen to the briefing? Don’t bring your damn phone into containment with the [static]."


(That’s kind of a dick move, mate.)


(Is it? Stuff like that could happen in CDDA :stuck_out_tongue: and we can clearly hear the difference.)

A familiar voice is heard through the Radio, namely Noire. The mild static from last time is gone, the humming of engines stopped as well, instead you can hear…what appears to be hammering and welding in the background.

Jolly good day, Dr. what was it? Howard?

A different voice, definitely female voice is heard in the background. The noises stop while the second voice is talking.

Howell, not Howard.

Right, Howard. Ehem, anyways. You said you’re selling some kind of…whaddya call it, Serum? How about an explanation of what it actually does? And please in Layman’s terms, I’m not really into all that scientific stuff. I might be willing to drive over to your place, if it sounds valuable. Anything in particular you’d like to get your hands on? Food, Power, Water, Weapons…? I…aquired quite a few weapons with fitting magazines and ammo, I could trade those away, if you like. Maybe I’ll even give you a few pointers on how to not shoot yourself if I like you.

Noire laughs, then the Broadcast stops.

[Currently got myself an NPC, so I figured I build her into it :stuck_out_tongue: By the by: Noire is male, but looks rather androgynous, and his voice fits to his looks, so people can easily think he’s a gal.]


"Boat doesn’t work… change of plan, I’am heading for static…orce Base, I repeat static for Griffiss Air Force More static I head rumors they have a new jet, I plan to reach the Bering Strait, then make for Radio calls abruptly cuts off "


Light static is heard for a few seconds, then Dr. Howell’s voice comes on.

“Finally, contact with another human being! I swear, waiting for the damn radio to work was nerve-wracking. All the noise! Could have attracted a horde!
Anyway, you wanna know about the serums I got? I caught a few rats and injected them with both kinds I have.
The serum that looks like zombie goo is apparently a highly-concentrated Slime mutagen. Mutagen is stuff that… changes ya. Good or bad. The test rat looked disgusting, so I shot the hell out of it.
The other serum I have found is dark greenish and when I injected it into the rat, the damn thing grew like damn scales and shit. It also tried to attack me, but I struck it with a piece of rebar.
I’d like some food and water. Running low. Also ammo for my RM99 if you got it. Serum is valuable as hell. But I didn’t really work on this kind of shit 'fore the Cataclysm. I worked on bionics and shit. I could give you a Power Storage Mark II CBM and Fingerhack CBM as a bonus.
Also, who’s the bird?”

(Bird is British slang for girl, if you didn’t know.)


“Anyone here knows how to fly a jet?”


“i know how to drive , repair and make boats and cars , but planes are out of my league”


"Hello this is your pilot speaking… This radio still works… found some tatted old cold war 1 how to fly a jet manual. I’am not expert but I can try.I be flying west as long as I can, I tell you how things are in California Electronic humming Clicking sound Out of gas darn it. "


From an abrupt few seconds of white noise emerges a masculine voice with a distinct Asian accent. In the background there is a constant mechanical grinding noise and occasionally sounds of footsteps on metal floor.

“This is Corporal Zhou of the O. G. Army 37th Auxillary Company speaking, the full action of Operation Spark had to be delayed due to constant rain. Luckily the rains also seemed to hamper the spores’ spread through air so we had more time to eliminate the animated growths. However, we have faced unexpected resistance from infested and apparently brainwashed citizens with firearms … one of us was KIA while three are wounded, luckily the infestations are cured promptly. Currently we are stationed at the border of the infested region west of Chit… wait, am I using the pub… sh*t…”

The broadcast suddenly ended and fell back to fading static.


The…bird? Oh, you mean Alice? Another Survivor I picked up not too long ago. Was apparently attacked by some bandits and got barely away, with a dozen wounds. I brought her into my…ehem, car, if you want to call it that, and took care of her.

Alice interjetcs

And since then I took care of Noire. You wouldn’t believe how messy he is!

…yes, thanks, nobody needed to know that. Apart from cleaning our Vehicle every once in a while she’s also a capable…Gunsmith? She just finished a…what was it again, Alice?

An UPS Rifle. You stick the Cord into an UPS and it shoots Lasers.

Right, right. I personally prefer my FN FAL, but hey, that UPS Rifle could come in handy. In any case…Food, Water, and Ammo…the RM99 you say? Isn’t that this huge revolver with the 8x40mm caseless ammo? Sorry, no chance, this ammo is rare as hell. How about a M1911 or L39? I got tons of 9x19mm and .45, so I could get you a few hundred bullets. As for Food, do you cook? Or are you even able to cook? I could make a little package with ingredients. Or I simply grab a few Cans and MRE’s I have left from my last haul. Water isn’t a problem, I have 120L of clean water in my tanks. I think we can come to an agreement there. This Lizard Serum might be interesting - you said it can grow scales, yes? I’d consider that more armor against those annoying Zeds, so count me in, name your price. We’ll be driving over.

[If that ‘meeting’ is really taking place, send me a pm or so. We can exchange how our characters look for example, and decide how the trade will end.]


Little static begins to play and Dr. Howell is heard once more.
“Hmm. No RM99 ammo. I do have a M1911 though. Found it on one of my dead colleagues. Next to him was a mi-go. I didn’t even question how he died. As for food, I have food, but not the stuff to cook it. Water, good deal.
The serums will cost you…
500 dollars. I lowered this shit down from 100,000 dollars. That was the pre-Cataclysm cost.
But… if you are planning on driving, it’s a science lab with the entrance covered with blood.
About the serum though… It also gives more then just scales. Gives you like reptile eyes and a crap ton of other lizard shit.
Slight banging is heard.
…Fuck. A mi-go’s here and banging on my damn door. Good thing it’s locked. Be careful.”


I always liked Dragons. Maybe you can change it so I get some wings too?
Laughter is audible.
I’ll be careful with the stuff, Promise. I prefer staying human, so I would just keep it for…emergencies I guess? Also, why don’t you open the door for your Amigo? Sounds like he’s in Danger.

[Yes, the usual a mi-go vs. Amigo! Also, my character basically only encountered a lot of zeds, no mi-gos or other horrors yet. He’s a lucky one I guess.]


Some static is heard and Dr. Howell speaks.
"No. Mi-gos are crab things that mimic the human voice and will kill people. Also, I tried to change the Lizard Serum. Then I found out the stuff needed to change it doesn’t work anymore. I never even worked on the stuff pre-Cataclysm! Worked on bionics. So, yeah…

A accentless monotone voice parrots Dr. Howell.
“Worked on bionics. [begins mimicing a klaxon]”

Dr. Howell begins to talk again.
“You bloody hear that?! That’s what I meant by the thing mimicing people! Also, it’s currently mimicing a police car.
Bloody wonderful.”


Electrical Engines are faintly heard in the background, as well as some slight clattering, indicating that someone is driving - and apparently they aren’t using a good road. Or a road at all.

Is…this Crab-thingy a result of those serums? Sure es hell sounds like it, and they have to be big to kill humans, right?

Then you hear a crashing sound, and someone, presumedly Alice, starts to curse. Then, a heavy sigh from Noire.

Might take a while. A few roads were flooded with zombies for some reason, so we’re offroading. And just crashed with a boulder, by the looks of it. Armor plating should hold, but we have to check for damage nonetheless. Uhm…yah, well. We will be preparing a few things to trade in the meantime. Do you have a working powersource? I bet those Laboraties should have backup generators of some kind. We could sell you a few knives and a messkit or two which run off of UPS, that should help you out I guess?


Some slight static, barely noticeable. Dr. Howell is heard.
"No. Mi-gos aren’t from the serums. Don’t know where they’re from. And they are certainly big enough to kill humans. As for a power source… 2 back-ups running. Don’t know how long they’ll last. A couple messkits and some knives will do. You said the roads were flooded with zombies? Anything like those big shocking zombie things I’ve heard of?


The Engines stopped, as well as the other noises. Instead, someone hammers on metal.
Eh…You mean the slightly glowy ones with CBM’s in them? Yah, a few. Also Spitters and those fat exploding ones, with that odd pink Bile. We figured It’s safer to stay clear of them, we do have a few turrets on our vehicle, but those won’t help us when we’re stuck in the middle of a horde of zombies.

The hammering stops for a minute.
Tell him we’re back on track in a few minutes, I just have to fix a few little dents!
Then the hammering returns, with vigor!
I believe you heard her. We’ll start moving soon. Is there a reason you asked about the Shockers? You don’t want us to kill them and bring their corpses to you, do you?


The broadcast is clear for once and Dr. Howell is heard.
“No. I was just curious if those things were about. The exploding ones can go fuck a spear. Damn things nearly killed me when I went outside once. Anyway, I found one more serum. Light blue and seems to be the last one. I found some papers next to it that talk about it. Says it’s supposed to be “the next step in human evolution”. Bet whoever made this was talking out of their ass. Anyway, how was life for you both 'fore all this shit happened? Just curious.”


Engines are heard, once again! And something that sounds like Laserguns, shooting. (i would assume they do make a sound of sort xD)

That sounds more interesting than the Lizard one. Still same price?

And as for your question: I was a mechanic before this shit started. Worked In a factory not too far away. When this…outbreak hit i was able to get to one of those shelters. I waited there for a while before deciding to go out and see what’s going on. I tried to survive ever since, until I got cornered by those Bandits. I was barely able to drive them away, but I was heavily wounded. Actually didn’t think I would survive that day, but then Noire came and helped me.

I on the other hand…well, back in the day people would have called me a Thief. Not one of those fancy thieves with bionic modifications, just one of those oldschool people with some lockpicks. Even had a Gun back then, one of those compact 9mm pistols, for emergencies. Never actually used it. When the Cataclysm struck I was hiding, like most of the other survivors you can encounter, but my curiosity eventually won and i headed out to see what exactly happened. I heard people speaking about bombs, riots, even attacks from China and Russia, you know? I guess it was kinda foolish to head out with all those stories, but I wanted to know the truth. I did find out the Truth, when a zombie dog found and attacked me, I barely survived that encounter. In hindsight, i just survived because of my pistol, but it was a close call either way. Since then I tried to stay clear from big cities, I slowly started to amass a hoard of electronics, books, food and other stuff that could come in handy and even started tinkering with some cars. More than once I electrocuted myself or hurt myself in some accident, but I managed to learn from my mistakes, and eventually I was able to…well, basically I took parts from some Military Vehicles I found and some Trucks and welded everything together. I made myself a mobile Home of sorts, where I could stash everything I found, and live in relative peace. Doesn’t even need fossil fuel anymore, managed to grab a few dozen solar panels and some electric engines.


The static has returned.
“First off, same price for the Alpha serum. Second, as for what I did, I was a scientist here, as you were probably expecting. I was here in the lab when the shit hit the fan. Everyone locked themselves in, then suddenly, one of us noticed a single door wasn’t locked. Shocker zombie burst through, next thing you know, 50 scientists are dead. Took me and 6 other guys all the firepower we had to kill it. Eventually 3 of the guys starved. 2 of us 4 remaining guys put themselves in cryogenics. The last guy left with some experimental power armor and a flamethrower and a couple of CBMs.”