Problem: Can't interact with the robots to put onto them bags

A few months back I adopted the Modular Turrets and Salvaged Robots mods to update them for the latest CDDA updates, and I made the Modular Turrets Remake mod in the process. I hiatused the develoment of the rest of the mods I planned to make because I’ve to put in order a few things on my life and now I’m prepare to take this project again.

Currently I’m facing a problem with the next mod I want to create. I want to allow the player to repair civilian robots and use them in diferent ways, the problem is that I can’t figure out a way to programm the robots and enable the interaction to strap bags on them (like horses). I tried examining the tile where’s the active robot and nothing, I tried to move onto the tile where’s the active robot and only popups the option to deactive the robot.
I think the problem is that the code necessary to interact with robots in that way is hardcoded and not in the .json files.

Here’s a folder with the mod edited to show the problem more clearly, install the mod and read the file ISSUE.txt for understanding the problem.