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My bad, We’ll go with your option 2 as it is more feasible.


Name: Amelia Day.
Gender: Female
Height: 4ft8
Appearance: Blue eyes and blond hair greet you upon seeing this small child’s face. Short and with clearly straining eyes barely able to find her way around. Looking well fed and Healthier than most with pale skin.

Backstory: An elementary student from a school with a bunker underneath it. Amelia Day is a young girl with horrible vision and missing her glasses. Born to two parents her life had been rather average, to be honest.

Besides her obvious intelligence and love of running, she seems rather normal. Sure she might not be that strong and shes kinda a pushover psychically but why is that impor-Then, of course, the cataclysm happened. The school had always had an emergency bunker for nuclear attacks.

For disasters and frequently during emergency students were sent down there. Luckily for her own survival, she made it in there.Unluckily for everyone else.

No one else seemed to even make it to the door. Now she’s been trapped here for quite a long while and she’s running out of food and water.

She’s going to have to leave.
Age: 14
Nationality: American
Occupation: Elementary Student Survivor
Equipment: School Uniform. Backpack. School supplies and some food and water. A small glass knife and a fire starter.
Good Traits: Fleet-footed. Smart Low Thirst and Low hunger.
Bad Traits: Nearsighted and Far-Sighted. Frail and weak.
Other Notes: Lost her Bifocal glasses. Has been surviving since the start of the game in a small bunker that her school had for emergencies underneath it. Is just about running out of food and water stored in there and is almost certainly going to be forced to leave.

Well now mind If I join? I hope this sheet is fine?


Yes, that’s just fine. I know the perfect way to run into her too.


Really now? I’m intrigued go on?


Dang that took a long time to write, even more so due to people distracting me at my house :roll_eyes:


Posted at you Redxlaser


–Due to the massive exertions Jorge did, he gets the temporary trait wounded, which slows him down due to his, well, his wounds. And sometimes he will get periodic pain spurts too, luckily this does not ‘stun’ him or anything, but makes it somewhat harder to do things for a bit, and is obviously distracting. After receiving proper medical treatment I’ll roll a die to see if he loses said trait, while this isn’t strictly a table top RPG, I love the elements of it, so I’ll end up using it at time for things like this.
–Every day or two he gets proper medical treatment and rests well, the chance of him getting better will increase. But if he is injured for too long, there is the risk of permanent injury, which also will be deiced by a dice roll. Don’t worry, the side effects of permanent these effects won’t be super nasty or anything, but still could cause trouble.
–I’ll let anyone argue for the exact amounts of things like chance of him recovering and when bad effects will happen, if I agree I’ll change it. But for now, a 1D6 will be rolled, and only 1 will count. Since this is the beginning the the injury, it won’t change to more until after two days, which then will it’ll change to 1 or 2 for him to heal.


Vikingy accent? Really? From the way you typed it, it seemed Irish. If you meant to be a “vikingy” type accent, it would be either a Danish, Norwegian, or Swedish accent.


Well, I don’t know how to accent okay? But I’ll change it either way, you have a good point.


I like this idea. The only way this will really effect Jorge is if he manages to roll a crippling injury of some sort, but from what I get from Prime he would have healed later anyhow. However, i’m not sure how an infection could affect Jorge cause of fluff and stuff


Well, I posted again finally after a bit of an absence. Hope the game will continue soon!


Well, if any of you wonder why I have been gone so long, here is the reason:
Me and my wife went on a cruise, which took a super long time. When we returned her allergies started kicking in, she got super sick, and she started vomiting from sudden pregnancy. For so long I’ve needed to take care of the little one now, and of my wife too. Even know I’m probably not going to be on much.
Anyway, hopefully I’ll stay for a while now!


That sucks, hope she gets better!


Here’s what I’ll do in terms of trying to find the glasses:

  1. I’ll roll a 1d3 for the number of rooms that can be searched before you need to leave.
  2. Each room explored I’ll roll a 1d6
  3. Rolling a 1 means you find bifocal glasses. Rolling 2 is either far-sighted glasses or near-sighted (of your choice). Rolling a 3 will give you broken bifocal glasses, which will help you in both far and close cases, but are still hard to see correctly, as they are shattered after all.
  4. You can choose to risk a crappier glasses for searching the next room (if possible) to see if you will get better ones. If you don’t you’ll lose the current ones you found. (I will find a good reason for why you lost those)


Alright. Understood. Will respond Ic when I can.


Sadly, it appears as if this thread is fading. It never seemed to be super popular in the first place, but oh well. I guess there just isn’t enough interest involved, as well as enough people with enough time.


Yeah it’s a slow board for this stuff it appears. I like the game if it’s any consolation at all. Like I’ve enjoyed it so far but the problem mainly has been that my life has been hectic.