OOC of Camp WhiteRiver (Map at top)


-The Out Of Character section for the Camp WhiteRiver RPG-


South: Rokdale
West: Forbidden Plains
East: Forest
North - Large River (technically there is still forest around here, simply less)


Here are the two characters I will be contributing.

Name: Alex Halen
Gender: Male
Height: 5’9"
Age: 27
Nationality: English
Occupation: National Gaurd Aviation Engineer
Equipment: M4 Carbine with 4 mags, Taurus Raging Bull with 30 bullets, MOLLE Pack, NG garments in MULTICAM, Holster, and Combat Boots
Good Traits: Intelligent, Mechanically Adept
Bad Traits: Weak, Weak Immune System
Other Notes: Flies Helicopters, gear has been damaged but patched up.

Name: Katherin Vought
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6"
Age: 24
Nationality: American
Occupation: Chef
Equipment: Civilian Clothing, Ruger Mk III with 2 mags
Good Traits: Basically Gordon Ramsey, Extremely Kind
Bad Traits: Extremely Gullible, Pacifist
Other Notes: Has feline ears and tail, prefers to be called Kat, Married to Alex, notable tailor, acts very childish.


I want to mention, that for a ‘balancing effect’ I don’t want people to have amazing things. Now, I will allow some of the ‘more powerful’ weapons/gear etc. if you were to take negatives to your character. For example:
-Kevlar vest might be traded for near-sighted
-Powerful gun might be traded for being fragile
-strong mutations might be traded for low base stats
See what I mean? And you still never mentioned if you were already in our group or not. I imagined that some players start within Camp WhiteRiver and some wouldn’t, I’d prefer to specify that.

EDIT: Also, it might be nice if all character ‘details’ were mentioned here. Backstory and such could be explained in either location, if it explained here, then that means Camp WhiteRiver already knew about you, if it is explained elsewhere then it means you need to RP it.


BTW, the base idea is that Camp WhiteRiver was named after the river nearby, and the water often appears to be ‘white’ due to the high speeds it runs at in some locations. Simple, but pleasant.


Okay, I will again update it. They are starting out of the camp. Also, we should remove our OOC stuff from the RP thread just to clean it up.


-I can’t help but just be mildly pleased that a non-mutant is married to a mutant. Probably due to the fact I’ve always been with the idea of non-racism type things. If you can’t tell from the ‘intro’ Dale is similar to me with the fact that he is very opposed to racism. It’s very possible that’ll come up a lot depending on how the players interact.
-But question, why would ‘Extremely Kind’ could as a bad trait? I’d see the pacifist part, but maybe gullible or something similar would make a little more sense. Doesn’t mean Kat can’t be nice of course however.
-Now, if you intend to give Alex such gear, I’m going to have to say that it is very badly damaged, and much of it has been makeshift patched up by Kat, but due to wear and tear it will still fall apart eventually. The ‘makeshift’ factor also applies to the guns, and maybe there is some sort of chance they’ll ‘lock up’ or something and not fire. Other than that I think it is acceptable.


Well, they were married before the cataclysm.


Either way, it’s nice to stay loyal. I know plenty of people would be like, hmm, my wife now lives up to her nickname a bit now. How about noooooo?


Yeah, that’s pretty much the reason why I chose the name.


I figured that, hmm, I know it’s still fairly early but I do ever so hope more people join. But frankly, I wouldn’t mind doing this with just one other person.


Yeah, me niether. The forum doesn’t see much activity these days unfortunately.


some people (like me) are on it a lot of the time, but other than that is seems sadly empty. I feel like part of that might have to do with the site move, even if it was (I think) a fairly long time ago

EDIT: To mention, while there is a bit of a better excuse to have Dale be a bit more OP (since he is the leader), his character is more of a brain rather than brawn character, and frankly has few fighting skills. That said, he is a masterful tactician and easily learns new things. One reason why the group has managed to stay together is due to his kindness, good leadership, how he can ‘feel’ who people, and despite his small size his voice and words are usually very inspiring.


That makes sense, a guy who deals with everything by punching will only get about a week in a cataclysmic event (Although cataclysm doesn’t display this correctly.) while a smart enough person can get years into the post apocalypse.
EDIT: On your regards to extremely kind being a bad trait, she can’t tell the good intentions from the bad, she just is sympathetic and kind to everyone who she meets, which could go really bad in a circumstance like this.
EDIT 2: Okay, now that I read my previous edit, it does sound like gullible, so I’ll fix that.


By the way, here is his helicopter


I’d like to contribute a character also:

Name=Jorge ‘Diehard’ Jones
He’s a massive man at 7’7 of pure coordinated muscle.
22 years old.
Freshly made Prime Super soldier
Wears bloody scrap Power Armor. (Can break with a few good hits from a hulk if not repaired)
Wields a Zweihander.
Good traits: Super Soldier, Prime mutant, Unbreakable. Follows orders with no questions asked.
Bad Traits:Ponderous mutation, Prone to Blood Rage (Similar to mycus Turgid but can’t easily distinguish friend or foe) Bad sense of direction, easily lost.
Things to know: Expert mechanic, good at repairing and making things, Extensive medical knowledge.
Not a “people” person


Oh sorry, also does not have good aim with ranged weaponry even with Prime mutations


-I’m going to have to say that the power armor is going to end up becoming some sort of ‘use’ type thing. Simply because even worn power armor is still power armor. I imagine it as the idea of it being used in far too many battles and wear and tear has gotten so bad that it cannot be used much longer. Due to this, you can either change it to something else, or you could save it for one fight. Maybe some sort of ‘boss’ fight or something for example.
-I just realized that I didn’t actually send my next reply on Camp WhiteRiver. Now I just need to figure out what I intended to say in it all over again. Hopefully I get it right.


That’s a good idea, as it is scrapped Power armor. If Jorge continues to use the armor while fighting zeds, it will eventually break down through “normal” combat since he is not super fast with it on. Let’s just say that from where he came from, his once unstoppable Heavy Power armor was turned into scrap by the unrelenting hordes.

If you can’t integrate this then I’d ask of you to consider Jorge wearing PRM marine armor without the helmet.
Thank you.


For a backstory,
Jorge ‘Diehard’ Jones came from a Doom Citadel as his creators were testing what made the area “Tick”.
Him managing to survive in one as a child, the PRM took him in and trained him to be one of their Super soldiers. This training took most of his life since they wanted him to become a “perfect” weapon. When the Cataclysm started, the lab Jorge called home was swept over by the Mycus/Triffid war that started quickly.
Getting ready for a fight, he donned his suit of armor.(PRM marine or Heavy Power armor)
Being the last Super soldier in the area, Jorge was tasked to destroy the PRM base with a controlled atomic bomb (Like explosive gel times a thousand).

The oncoming radiation and the prolonged fights with the Mycus and the Triffids trying to germinate inside his system eventually forced him to evolve after 3 weeks of near constant fighting into the first, if not one of the first 5 Prime Humans, reaching the pinnacle of Human evolution and slaying the rest of the abominations with his well earned power.

His powerful senses allowed him to detect living beings in the area (Camp WhiteRiver)
where he comes stumbling face first into the camp, broken body and all.


@OmegaTenRice, are you referencing Garus as he comes out of the base? From how you are describing it, it sounds as if we would need to do a time warp for what you said, since Garus left the base before Alex and Kat came. If your character really did make ‘a loud thud,’ Garus would hear you, come over, and bring you inside. This all happening before Alex and Kat came.
–There is either two ways to fix this: 1. Imagine that when Alex and Kat come in, Jorge is currently inside the medical ‘tent’ still asleep. (but possibly could wake up soon after they enter cuz it’s thematic) 2. Jorge passes out in the woods, far enough away that Garus can’t immediately bring him back to base. Garus instead finds him there.