Oh shoot, I forgot to put any points in to luck!


So I start as an evacuee police mans womans, i manage to convince fancy pants to come with me… and i walk down the stairs… HULK SMASH

You guys heve any 100 luck stories?


Spawned in and had random fire in the shelter. It burned the building down before I could escape. Didn’t even have the burning building start just loaded up a new world and fire.


lab opens first door after leaving cell. turret


That once happened to me too


Just had that happen the other day on like the 4th try I finally got the skill to craft an electrohack… instadeath. Not even mad, the last time I played I think labs were a little bit different of a lay out, and am enjoying learning them again.


100 Child zombies in School start. Due to the fact there was 2 parks next to the school


Doesn’t electrohack hack safes and computers? I remember needing a control laptop to make friends with a turret.


I don’t think the electohack can hack PC terminals, just doors that need a Military ID or Science ID and electronic safes, but it doesn’t disable the turrets like if you actually use an ID card.

A control laptop does hack robots and turrets, so I’ve found it good to use the laptop and electrohack together. I think you need to find the book with the recipe though, because I did have the components for one :frowning:


i got a new one again lab. so i did a lab challenge this time with tentacle limbs. so when i fininaly find a id card and a grenade to take out the turret the guarded the entrance i found out. that the lab connected to a prison. fuck first i get through the turrets now i have to get through the bots


There was that time I walked out of the evac shelter and was immediately painted with a laser. Then, you know, I turned into a red mist and died.

And that other time, back before fires were retooled. I’d been drawing zombies out of a megastore for many hours, finally getting ready to dive inside. I set a small fire maybe five tiles from the store to cook some meat and eat first. Well, of course I ended up burning down the megastore, despite trying to douse the fire.

Good times.

Or that time, recently, when I was modding and trying to make my own window, hoping to make it bulletproof. In testing, as soon as I turned the corner a secubot put a bullet in my brain. Not so bulletproof.


Secure bots are too op


best moments i ever have was that just as i respawn in evac shelter and get outside. a turret roadblock spawn outside of shelter and start pouring me some bullets and im dead…

10/10 never left your luck at 0 point,


In my first 3-5 games somewhere in there when I was still learning the game…
evac shelter start going down the stairs I get a warning about “High/Extreme heat” so… of course i head down anyway… insta death and all my screen had was lava. Lava everywhere.


My very first character stepped outside the evac shelter, then turned around and slammed the door in the face of a jabberwock. Said jabberwock immediately clawed through the door and eviscerated him. Rolled a new character, and respawned in the SAME evac shelter, with the jabberwock STILL INSIDE. Deleted world after that.


well at least it was not a T-Rex… thinking back on it I might have had a jabberwock come attacking one of my testing evac shelter spawns…

Maybe there is a hidden % chance that it will happen programed into the game…


Evac start, right next to a forest, spent some time getting together some equipment and tools. Crept towards the town, no enemies in sight, round the corner of the very first building and immediately got blown up by a chicken walker.


you forgot to set the world end handling to reset there :smile:

that happen to me in my first play time of the game, really creepy monster.


Firehouse was just opened up via main door shudder. I pulled a pin on a grenade and forgot to throw it as I ran out the wooden door…yeah… >_>


I think the world handling option wasn’t a feature yet, he had just created another character in the same world without reseting.


owh, but it is possible that every time a character dies, the world can be set in 3 mode : reset every player death, keep, or query…