Mutant Girl and Bionical Survivor


its break time, i have spend good hours into my mod project and now for relieving my boredom i decided to make story, its been awhile since i made my last story back in 2014, and big thanks to @EpsilonShadow for allowing me to use the character.

Character :
Ricky : myself.
Lydia Oths : @EpsilonShadow (absolute owner of the character)

21 December 2020,
65 days after Cataclysm.

in the middle of long, empty road surrounded by forest, a lone figure walks alone. an albino furry girl with tentacles as her leg. Lydia was one of the survivor of the Cataclysm and she was supposed to be one of the evacuee during first day of Cataclysm but she missed it and now she lives and adapting herself to the Cataclysm in her own way. all is silent for her until at the end of the road she saw a man, wearing black jacket and rioter mask, struggling to fight against undead swarm with just a wrench. Lydia worries as the man itself could be one of those bandits but she also feel bad for not helping him, so with her hunting rifle that has been equipped with sniper scope and suppressor she crouch and aim steadily at the undeads and pull the trigger, a perfect shot to the head of the undead. the man surprised by the sudden death of the undead and look at the source of the shot, which is Lydia herself. surprised and panic the man suddenly ran from the undeads and hide behind a tree. Lydia continues to pick the undeads one by one until there’s nothing left, only corpses of undeads. then the man comes out.

Man : Don’t shoot!!.. im unarmed and my only weapon is this bad-quality wrench i found on someone’s garage.

the man raise his hands while hoping he is not going to be the next target Lydia will pick.

Lydia : are you sure?

Man : then kick me down the basement full of undeads if im lying…

Lydia, hearing the man’s word, decided to put her weapon down and start approaching the man. she then notice the man wearing kevlar vest behind his black jacket and the man himself notice the girl has unusual albino furry skin and tentacles legs.

Man : you’re not one of those mindless mutants aren’t you?

Lydia : no, and you’re not one of those bandits right?

Man : hell no, i’ve met some of them on the way, but they force me to use lethal force.

Lydia and the man feels relieved…

Lydia : so what’s your name?

Man : Ricky, you?

Lydia reach her slender, claws hand.

Lydia : Lydia, Lydia Oths.

Ricky shakes Lydia hands…

Ricky : i thought im the only one survives this Cataclysm.

Lydia : me too.

Ricky : its not safe around here, we need to find shelter.

Lydia : come with me, i knew a place around here.

Lydia and Ricky then walks together to find shelter, after 45 minutes of walking they found a desolate house fully intact with no damage.

Lydia : there, that house seems good enough.

Ricky : be careful, may be some bandits live there.

Lydia and Ricky together start approaching the house silently and listening to signs of bandits, right when they crouch near the door of the house, they hear someone talking inside the house

“what’chu got there?”
“some tinned mac n cheese, beans and pork and some good ol’ vodka”
“good let’s get some feast…”

Lydia : 2 bandits inside the house, any idea?

Ricky : you have any handgun on yours?

Lydia then take out a Glock 17 pistol and give it to Ricky.

Lydia : fully loaded, last mag.

Ricky : huff… here goes another breach skill…

Ricky then stands up and kick the door so hard that the door is completely collapse, surprising the 2 bandits inside the house.


with quick and steady hand, Ricky aims the Glock at 2 bandits and quickly shoot them in the head, instantly killing them.

Ricky : Clear…

Ricky then turns around and saw a bandit holding Lydia with a kitchen knife right on her throat.

Bandit : nice lady you got here, bet she is still young and fresh eh?

Lydia struggles to escape the bandit’s hand but the bandit is too strong for her.

Bandit : let’s make this easy, put down your gun and let me have this girl so i can taste her great slim body. whadd’ya say?

Ricky then laughs a bit…

Ricky : sounds good deal, but can i add 1 more?

Bandits : yeah, what is it?

with his quick and steady hand, Ricky instantly aim at the bandit’s head and fire the handgun, instantly destroying his head and leave no injury to Lydia. Lydia runs to Ricky in shock and hug him.

Ricky : you ok?

Lydia nods slowly, still in shock.

Ricky then tries to comfort her by rubbing her hair.

Ricky : damn girl, you shouldn’t struggle like that, the knife is really close to your throat there.

Lydia seems to calm a bit, but starts crying.

Ricky : its ok, now we’re safe… maybe we can have some pork n beans or mac n cheese… i don’t know, the menu is strict these days and i can’t even have some salad with mayo.

after that, Ricky then take Lydia to the bedroom of the house and let her have some rest. Lydia, still in shock. seems to calm down now…

Ricky : im gonna border up the windows and fix the door, not gonna be long but im sure after that, i’ll be cooking some good food for you.

Ricky then leave Lydia on bed but then suddenly Lydia holds Ricky hand.

Lydia : thank you for saving my life…

Ricky then smiles.

Ricky : naahh, no need to thank me, just let me now if you need something eh?

Lydia nods.

Ricky then examines the house, this house has 1 bedroom with 2 beds, kitchen, main room, and storage room. inside storage room Ricky founds some material and foods enough for a week. with all the material available Ricky borders all the windows and fix the collapsed door. after that he starts cooking some foods and looking for books that may be useful for Lydia.

(Night time…)

turns out the house is using generator and its fully filled with gas, which means it is enough for the electricity to last for few days.
Lydia, relaxing in her bed, is reading a romance book. then Ricky comes in.

Ricky : dinner’s ready…

Ricky came in with 2 plate full of mac n cheese and pork and beans, cooked and still hot.

Ricky : here’s for you, mac n cheese and pork n beans.

Lydia : great, thanks… what about you?

Ricky : still heating up some can of beef and beer. i’ll take guards tonight for sure, considering undeads activity is rising now.

Lydia : are you sure? i could join with you if you want.

Ricky : naahh, you deserve one, since you’re saving me from the undeads too. i shouldn’t have trust that wrench.

Lydia : allright then… good luck.

Lydia starts eating those mac n cheese and pork n beans happily while Ricky prepare for night-guard duty.

Ricky : i almost forgot, here’s some books for you, might be useful for you.

Ricky gave Lydia some novel book and some books about weapons, survival and makeshift things.

Lydia : thanks, should come in handy for me…

Ricky then goes to the main room, looking at the bordered windows, searching for any movements.

Lydia, finished eating the foods then continue reading books and eventually, fall asleep.

(Chapter 2 : Next Day)

07:31 Morning.

Lydia wakes up, refreshed and well rested…

Lydia : yawn …Ricky?

Lydia came down from her bed and goes to the main room. she notice Ricky is still standing on the bordered window, looking at outside.

Lydia : Ricky?

Ricky hushes Lydia…

Ricky : (whisper sound) be quiet, something’s wrong outside.

Lydia then approach Ricky and look through the bordered windows, she notice a swarm of undeads led by a hulk-sized zombie swarming. Lydia then speaks in whisper.

Lydia : since when they swarming there?

Ricky : around 3 in the morning, at first its just that one hulk zombie, but then comes another swarm of undead gathering with the hulk one.

Lydia : what should we do?

Ricky : we got no firepower, so its best to find a back door.

Lydia then goes to the storage room, looking for a back door, then she notice a door handle near a shelf. she then pulls the shelf and find a hidden back door on storage room. and then she goes to Ricky again.

Lydia : i found a back door in storage room.

Ricky : good, pack up. we leaving this area.

Lydia then goes to the bedroom and start packing up her stuff, meanwhile Ricky is watching the swarm outside and notice something strange. the hulk zombie start sniffing and looking sharply to the window where he stand and watching. the hulk zombie then screaming, groaning as if he is ordering the swarm of undeads to attack the house, which is right, the swarm of undeads start moving to the house.
Ricky then speak in panic voice.


Lydia starts packing up faster in panic, finished packing up her stuff, she goes to Ricky.

Lydia : let’s go!.

Lydia and Ricky then runs to the back door, just as they open the door, the zombies has started banging the door and wrecking all the bordered windows, Lydia and Ricky then exit through the back door and block the door with a piece of wood.

Lydia : where?

Ricky : to the forest… now!

Lydia and Ricky runs together through the forest, as fast they can, while they are running they hear the loud, creepy screaming of the hulk zombie as the hulk start rampaging through the house.

after 35 minutes of running, they arrive at an open, empty green plain.

Ricky : huff… huff… huff… hahaha… now that’s a good way to escape the undeads.

Lydia : huff…huff… haha yeah. but now we’re offroads, and im not sure which direction is the nearest city now.

Ricky then notice a house with big garage door in the distance.

Ricky : there’s a house. let’s rest there.

Lydia : allright, let’s go.

Ricky and Lydia then goes to the house, and right when they are approaching the house, the garage door opens, revealing 3 man with biker’s outfit and a gun, 2 of them is aiming a rifle to Ricky and Lydia.



Lydia and Ricky suddenly raise their hand…"

Lydia : don’t shoot!! we’re survivor…

Ricky : don’t shoot!! we’re not bandits.

suddenly, one of the men, wearing black eyeglass and cowboy hat, is approching them.

Man : hold your arms, boys!! are you both a survivor?

Ricky : yes, we are…we’re looking for safe place to rest for few days.

the man then notice Lydia’s unusual tentacle leg and skin.

Man : is this girl yours? what happen to her?

Ricky : she is my friend, she forced to be a mutant due to the environment.

Man : i see… but to be honest, she looks gorgeous and cute even though she is mutant.

Lydia blushes.

Lydia : umm… thanks i guess?

then the sound of screaming hulk zombie interrupts them…

Man : quick! get inside before those undeads come to us…

Lydia and Ricky then goes inside the house…

Man 1 : are you sure we can trust them captain?

Man : they’re not bandits, they are survivor, like us.

Man 2 : what about the girl? she looks… weird.

Man : she is forced to be like us, adapting to the world.

then the man and the two others get inside and close the garage door.


the man with cowbot hat starts talking with Lydia and Ricky.

Man : you two, what’s your name?

Ricky : im Ricky, and my friends name is Lydia.

Man : Name’s Morgan, those two were my soldier, Brad & Jack.

Ricky : hmm no wonder, you guys have set this place clean and strategic, like a military does.

Morgan : yeah, we were supposed to rescue remaining survivors but our commander seems… abandoning us.

Brad : there was supposed to be plane waiting for us here, a cargo plane. but when we go looking for survivors they fly away, leaving us all…

Jack : but that’s long time ago mate, we all forced to survive here like rest of the survivors.

Lydia : no wonder i saw some strip line, like a plane landing, not too far from the house.

Ricky : but anyway, thanks for let us in this place, we truly need some safe place.

Morgan : no problem. i can see from your eyes, and your friend’s eyes, that you both can be trusted.

Morgan take off her black eyeglass. revealing a striking feline eyes.

Morgan : considering the fact, that i also forced to adapt to this Cataclysm too.

Lydia : that eyes, how did you get it?

Brad : captain was fighting a mutated cat when the blood of that mutant splat to his eyes, now with that eyes he can see dangers from far away.

Jack : not just captain, we all are forced to adapt to this world for survival, i mean look at my right eye.

Jack shows his robotic, right eye.

Jack : an undead managed to scratch my right eye, but captain found some bionic eye and he put it on me, now i can use this sniper rifle more accurately.

Brad shows his chest, revealing a futuristic small machine on his chest.

Brad : one of those bandit bastards managed to shoot me in the chest, captain said the bullet hits my heart so he put a bionic heart for me. this feels good but i can’t work harder than before.

Ricky : so we are in the same situation eh? surviving against Cataclysm.

Morgan : damn right boy. we all in the same situation now.

Morgan notice something unusual with Ricky’s hands.

Morgan : hey boy, i see that your hands looks… abnormal.

Ricky : my hands?

Morgan : yeah, i can see that your hands, both of them, is bionical… not your real hand anymore.

Ricky then show his hand, revealing a big stitch mark from wrist to shoulder.

Ricky : yeah, i lost both of my hand by those bandits. they chop my hands off with a katana. but then a scientist, an old man… he saves me. he put this bionic hands to me and leave me.

Morgan : you got some luck boy, if i were you, i’ll be dead for sure.

Brad : how about you girl? what’s your story?

Lydia : i… i was supposed to be one of the evacuee during first day of Cataclysm, but i missed the evacuation and so i left alone in this world. because of the environment i am forced to become like this so i can survive.

Jack : hmm i’ll say you did good girl, i understand that you have to become mutant as to make yourself part of this world, i mean with that legs you could climb wall easily and smooth while holding gun.

Lydia : yeah… but i want to become human again, i want to live like a normal person.

Morgan : im sure there’s way you could be back to human again. im sure of it.

(Chapter 3 : Undead Attack!)

suddenly, a loud scream of Hulk Zombie came from outside…

Morgan : Jack, check the outside perimeter.

Jack then goes to a stair that lead to the roof.

Morgan : say… where you two come from?

Ricky : we were from a house not too far from here, a house where 3 bandits live there,

Morgan : you mean that bandit’s den across the forest? boy we were planning to raid that place.

Jack comes down from the roof, he seems panic.

Jack : Captain… Bad news, a whole swarm of zombies come from the forest.

Morgan : how much?

Jack : around 16, one of them is a bulky.

Morgan : allright boys, ready up, in your position and wait for my order.

Jack and Brad then goes to the roof, ready to attack the undead swarm.

Ricky : let us help!

Morgan : what? you think you can handle some firearms boy?

Lydia reloads her hunting rifle and ready it up.

Lydia : we are trained for it.

Ricky : well, she said it.

Morgan : then why not tell me earlier? go to the roof and join with the two, i’ll be catching up.

Ricky and Lydia then goes to roof through the stairs.


Ricky and Lydia joins with Brad and Jack.

Brad : where’s Captain?

Ricky : he told us to join with you, he’ll be catch up with us soon.

Lydia aim her hunting rifle beside Jack, who also aiming his sniper rifle.

Jack : you ready to shoot some undead girl?

Lydia : always ready.

Jack : hell yeah, let’s do it.

Morgan then comes carrying 2 heavy rucksack, a heavy machine gun, and assault rifle, he give the assault rifle to Ricky.

Morgan : listen up, aim steady, fire in burst, this 2 bag here is full of ammo for your weapon.but more importantly, don’t waste your ammo, understand?

the whole team say “yes. sir” together.

Morgan : allright, on my signal.

Morgan see the zombie walks to the house. 5 seconds later.

Morgan : FIRE UP!!!

Lydia and Jack fires ahead, hitting 2 zombie in the head on the front line, Ricky and Brad fires in 3-burst, killing a few zombies on the front. seeing the undead goes down, the hulk zombie goes running,

Morgan : someone kill that damn bulky!

Lydia quickly aim at the Zombie hulk and shoot its leg, making it trip and fall. then Brad aim at the fallen hulk and shoot it in the head, destroying and finishing off the hulk zombie.

Lydia : good shot Jack.

Jack : yeahahaha, you too girl.

Morgan then take out an M72 LAW, unpack it and aim at the zombie swarm.

Morgan : Rocket out!

Morgan fires the M72, and hit a group of zombie, massively reducing the swarm.

Morgan : now finish those damn deads off!

the whole start finishing off the few remaining undeads. and when the last zombie is killed, they hold the fire. everything goes silent…

Morgan : anyone hear any movement?

the whole team goes silent for a moment…

Jack : i think there is one left, that bush seems moving.

Lydia then aims at the bush, and suddenly a fungal monster came out of the bush.

Lydia : its a fungal monster.

Morgan : meehh, i thought its another undead. put it down!

Jack : you pick the shot girl, my rifle just run out.

Lydia check her rifle.

Lydia : one left on the chamber, better be worth it.

Lydia aim at the fungal monster. the fungal monster seems spitting out a yellow pack. but then Lydia shoot the fungal monster, destroying it to pieces.

Morgan : allright, great job guys. the undeads won’t bother us again now.

suddenly the whole team goes cheer up in happiness.

Jack : yeahahahah, we win girl.

Lydia : hahaha. great job…

Ricky : that’s how its done brother.

Brad : good shootin’ mate.

Morgan smiles while seeing the team celebrating, then he mumble to himself.

Morgan : never thought we will fight with the youngs like them.

[Afternoon, Inside house]

Lydia, Jack and Brad celebrating the victory by drinking beer while Lydia drink a bottle of chocolate drink. while they celebrating the victory, Ricky sit near a burning firewood with a pot for cooking.
seeing Ricky alone, Morgan sit beside him.

Morgan : didn’t join with the others?

Ricky : no sir, just want to get some warm.

Morgan : allright, you did good job there boy, mowing down undead like a soldier.

Ricky : thanks, although i learn to use firearms from video games.

Morgan : really? well that’s good then. video games nowaday uses real firearm boy, no wonder you use the rifle like a soldier.

RIcky : hehe, yeah… but still im suck at firearms, especially when its jammed.

Morgan : naahh, you will learn it someday.

Ricky : yeah… someday…

Morgan : now boy, i just thinking about you and that girl, you two seems get along like brother and sister.

Ricky : well actually she’s helping me when i was forced to fight some undeads with just wrench, and then i decided to join with her in this journey.

Morgan : that’s interesting, well now she seems to trust you eh?

Ricky : yeah, we get along really quick…

Morgan : good, now listen boy, when she said she wants to become human, i could say that’s a possible thing.

Ricky : really?

Morgan : yeah, if i remember, there’s abandoned science lab not too far from here… just going east and you’ll find it.

Ricky : but if i remember, to enter the lab we have to use Science ID card.

Morgan show an Science ID to Ricky.

Morgan : you mean this boy?

Ricky : you have it?

Morgan : one of those undeads has this on their body, so i take it and now its yours.

Ricky takes the id card.

Ricky : thanks, i’ll be sure to help her back to human.

Morgan : yeah, right now you and your friend will stay here for a day, there’s 2 bedroom ready for you and your friend, and for food, we have plenty of canned food here, all fresh and ready to cook.

Ricky ; thanks.

[Night time]

Lydia and the others are sleeping in their own bedroom, but Ricky can’t sleep. he keeps thinking about how to make Lydia back to human again, and how to make Lydia safe from the Cataclysm. he then decide to wake up and walk around. and then he sees Morgan in a office-like room, he enters the room.

Ricky : excuse me?

Morgan : ahh Ricky, can’t sleep eh?

Ricky : yeah. something in my minds keep making me up.

Morgan : hehe, come here boy.

Ricky then sit beside Morgan.

Ricky : yeah?

Morgan : i got some good news for you.

Ricky : what is it?

Morgan : it turns out that your friend, Lydia, is one of the missing evacuee and she actually has a parent, still living and rescued so now they are in evac center.

Ricky : whoa, really?

Morgan : yeah, and good thing is, there is one last evac copter miles on the north and still waiting for another evacuee to arrive, but there is bad news about it?

Ricky : what?

Morgan : i just contact them about their mission through my mobile phone, and they said they can only take 1 evacuee due to the chopper is filled with wounded survivor. so that means no chance for us to go back.

Ricky ; gaahh… damn…

Morgan : sorry boy, but hey. i believe you now have a mission to complete.

Ricky : mission?

Morgan : yeah, i see you are the kind of person who’re willing to sacrifice for someone’s live.

Ricky : well you got my heart right.

Morgan : well now, you have mission to save your friend from this damned cataclysm and turn her back to human.

Ricky : …you right, this could be my mission now.

Morgan : that’s the spirit boy, love it.

Morgan proudly hug Ricky…

Ricky : thanks captain, i wish i could pay you with anything.

Morgan : naahh, you keep on your mission, we’ll be fine.

Ricky : allright.

[Next Day…]

Lydia and Ricky decided to pack up and leave the place.

Brad : packing up eh?

Lydia : yeah, we’re going to continue our journey…

Jack : alright then, before you two leave, you can take some of our supplies, don’t worry, we can search for more supplies later, and i recommend you guys take some assault rifle and its ammo in case you guys got caught in a bad situation.

Ricky : allright thanks…

Ricky then takes some canned food and assault rifle along with ammo for Lydia’s Rifle and Ricky’s rifle.

Lydia : where’s Morgan?

Brad : he still sleeps, but no worry, he told us about your departure.

Jack : so we wakes up earlier than our schedule is.

Lydia : oh, send my thanks to captain ok?

Brad and Jack nods.

finish packing up, Ricky and Lydia says goodbye to Brad and Jack and leave the place…

Lydia : so where should we go now?

Ricky : captain told me there’s abandoned place on the east, must be worthy to check.

Lydia : sure, let’s go.

Lydia and Ricky goes east, walking together, hoping that they will find something. after walking east for an hour…

Lydia : look! a science lab?

Lydia points at an abandoned science lab…

Ricky : yup, just as captain said… let’s go in.

Lydia : but we need some ID card to get in.

Ricky show his Science ID card he got from Morgan.

Ricky : this one?

Lydia : where did you get that?

Ricky : one of the zombies has this on their body, so i take it.



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Number one: that’s terror.
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its all in the numbers :smile: it needs more than a calculator for that.