Most fun character?


Tell a story of the most fun character you ever played. They didn’t have to survive long, or even really work. You just had to have a good time being that person.

Last session from a while ago, I set city size to massive, lowered city distance to minimum, and bumped npc spawn to 25+. Made it so I ran into SOMEBODY every couple hours.

Decided to cheat in all positive mutations I could, set my terror as high as I could, and built a small (5x5 or 6x6) little death machine I named The Chariot. I was King of the New Future, and I would add anyone who came to me as a subject. I would bless them with my gifts of a new body and soul, and they would be my Honor Guard. Any who ran would always have a chance to come back, but if they came for my head, they would meet no mercy.

I had a bird person, a cow person, a lizard person, and a Alpha person in the Chariot beside me. We traveled city to city, recruiting people for the new society.

Chariot was decked out with mini-fridge, crucible, portal storage, the works. It was fun to approach every zombie as a new citizen, only to demolish them instantly if they tried to attack. Fun Fact: If you do enough damage in a single hit, enemies literally explode into blood, guts, and gore like living pinatas.


Mate, I have a character who rides a scooter and fires a mini-nuke launcher


Nice. Anything she/he/it wants to do, can be done in the apocalypse. :smile:


Had a character who legitly got a lot of Mycus mutations and proceeded to convert people with speech and hard work for them. And eventually had a army of Mycus super men in power armour and spewing spores and spore gas behind them. It was glorious.


Mate, I had a guy with 60 mini nukes