Microsoft to purchase GitHub



So, what do you think? Are there any alternative hosts without conduct issues? IMO, I don’t see any good coming from this.


Eh, Microsoft’s been doing pretty well lately with VS Code and Typescript. I’m not overly concerned.

An alternate (free, managed) host would be BitBucket, but it’s got a fraction of the community tools that GitHub has.


I’m moving as soon as possible, I don’t trust MS as far as I can throw them.


I feel like stuff have blown out way out of proportion, specially over at /r/linux. Sure, github being bought out is not great, but the fragmentation can be way more damaging. Plus, unless you are self hosting, I’m not convinced running from Microsoft to Google, which represents 50% of the investment made over at is a great idea… There are plenty of other alternatives, but nothing will have anything close to the userbase of github, at least in the near future.


I’m not basing my opinion on whatever people are saying at r/linux, I’m basing it on Microsoft’s long history of attacking their competition, including open source using illegal tactics, and the very real possibility that if they are allowed to do so they will continue to do so, perhaps with disastrous results.

You don’t get to throw around a bunch of PR and recover from that kind of abuse.

I refuse to work for Microsoft, and I refuse to do business with them whenever possible.


I don’t get it why people are getting so nervous over these news - Microsoft has different management and approach to open-source.


They’ve said that many times in the past. Cozying up to groups initially, then bringing the knives out later. Their corporate culture may have shifted, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Corporations are huge entities and very resistant to change due to groupthink.


It’s probably also worth mentioning as a parable that git itself has its origins in Linus Torvalds foolishly getting in bed with a proprietary software vendor he likewise thought was friendly. That is, until the Bitkeeper guy found out a kernel developer was “competing” with him by working on a semi-related project in his free time, literally flipped his shit, and revoked everyone’s Bitkeeper licenses, locking the kernel developers out of the source code for a few months. Linus wrote Git to replace Bitkeeper and ensure no third party would have control over the kernel repo again. And the Gnu people said “We told you so!”


Kinda the reason why in 1942 you may have heard of those national party people…yeah…being jewish would make you really happy back then -_-

Same thing with microsuckit. Make a billion by making winblows 10 and I cannot see anything but a bloated pile of crap that is needlessly getting bigger and slower yet more intrusive of the user base with out adding “turn off” options like the 90’s.


Everything microsft degrades over time. I recently changed to a dual boot windows 7| Ubuntu system, and my brother runs a windows 10| Ubuntu dual boot I built for him RIGHT next to me. We are both eternally unhappy with the windows systems.
Windows bought Minecraft > Minecraft now has something obsurd like 756 errors+ in its code has a invasive tutorial, and lots of micro transactions etc. And forced players to update their accounts, after going through a zigzagging pipeline that made it look like they hadn’t done anything but at any point you could avoid the pipeline by just…buying a new account… again.

Microsoft is a viral system of hardware and software that insists upon using more of itself.

Its a shame about GIt, moving will be sure to be a pain for everyone but it will ultimately be less of a headache in the long run.



XD #MovingToGitLab #AnythingButMicrosoft
That didn’t take long to find. Best hashes Ive seen for a while. Can Gitlab even handle that level of traffic increase?


Contributors, take a look at
You need to login at gitlab for the import to proceed smoothly, otherwise it might not recognize you.

Seems to be doing ok


So, do you already have some schedule/plan for transfer?


The plan is:

  • Do a test import of a personal repository.
  • Get build automation and integrations working.
  • Draft some migration instructions for everyone.
  • Do an import of the main repository.

The schedule is, “as is convinient”.


Migration is pretty easy. I’ve moved several projects from personal repo with no issues. I had to make projects public as they were made private by default.

Will try to play with CI later.


That is absurd. What have we done wrong? How did we end up in the world where people pay for MS Windows? :confused:


The world where MS forced its may into being mandatory for most buisnesses, but is able to ‘claim’ not to have a monopoly so they continue their growth despite steadilly decreasing popularity, because their share of the market is too necessary for people to move away, and sectors and people who are in a position to do so are often to lazy or lacking in tech saviness to change away from their systems, rooting MS in further still, even as their products continue to grow worse.

The vid I linked up above goes over a lot of this. As the standard hardware they get to pick the defaults. To the detriment of all. It doesn’t help that Macintosh decided that the best way to handle the monolith of MS was to become a cult for those snooty enough to not want to use MS and feel superior to others in doing so. (like that South Park episode about hybrids) Unfortunately your average person isn’t willing to try Linux systems because they don’t even know about them, have a strong opposition to having to learn a new system, or some other reason thats good enough for them to not deal with the ‘hassle’ of changing systems. And I guess now Windows is going to campaign to try to make open source more difficult for everyone, so thats great.


That’s a good ad for [redacted name of web service]


I want to warn against using BitBucket. It’s very bad, imo.

I’ve worked dayjobs at two places where Bitbucket was chosen instead of Github, afaik because of “jira integration”. I’ve used Bitbucket A LOT, and it’s really very bad. The service is down more commonly than I know Github to be. Pull request views don’t have syntax highlighting and have trouble loading/displaying diffs that are bigger than insignificant. Hard to navigate too. Pipelines are very meh and have been rather unreliable (e.g. hit rate limiting at npm due to poor ops at Bitbucket). Poor integration with other tools etc. etc. etc.; Bitbucket is NOT EQUIVALENT to Github, NOT quality software, and not well run.