Mass proofreading with LanguageTool: should I do a PR? Care to help with converting LT suggestions into patches?

I’ve experimented a bit with using LanguageTool (FOSS proofreading) CLI version to detect errors in items descriptions. So far I like it, got rid of most false positives by disabling unnecessary rules. Tested on items/tools.json and tool_armor.json. About a dozen errors just in these two files were found, mostly wrong articles.

I’ve found tools/json_tools/ that may help getting all the texts to check them.

But first I’d like some feedback on the general idea. Should I (or we if someone wants to help, see below) proceed and make some translators work a bit more?

Currently I just dumped all texts in one stream and feed it to LT, no corrections in-place so in current state changes need to be applied manually.

Proof of concept code:

import argparse
import json

PARSER = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='')
    '-f', '--filename', required=True, help='')
ARGS = PARSER.parse_args()

with open(ARGS.filename) as filehandler:
    data = json.load(filehandler)

for item in data:
    line = item.get('description', None)
    if isinstance(line, dict):
        line = line.get('description')
    print(line, end='\n\n')

python3 ~/cdda/ -f in.json | java -jar languagetool-commandline.jar -l en --json -d EN_QUOTES,ENGLISH_WORD_REPEAT_BEGINNING_RULE,CD_NN,DASH_RULE,USE_TO_VERB,THE_WORSE_OF,PUNCTUATION_PARAGRAPH_END --disablecategories REDUNDANCY,TYPOGRAPHY,STYLE - | python3 -m json.tool > ~/tmpfs/out.json